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Ghana Embarks on Major Urban Road Rehabilitation Drive

by Adenike Adeodun

Ghana’s Department of Urban Roads is determinedly rolling up its sleeves to refurbish the nation’s dilapidated roadways, prioritizing the safety of motorists and pedestrians alike.

Drivers and daily commuters have long complained about the condition of major roads in Accra. Yet, there’s good news: road crews have repaired large potholes in previously problematic areas like Odorkor Intersection, Teshie’s NDC Junction, Century, and near Sankara.

According to a report by Graphic Online, Odorkor Intersection has witnessed an effective leveling of its once-troublesome potholes.

Similarly, NDC Junction and Century Road in Teshie have been freshly asphalted. These improvements have ushered in an evident decrease in the typical traffic snarls that plagued the intersection during rush hours.

Residents and frequenters of these routes have voiced their approval. They’re enthusiastic about the progress but concurrently urge the Department of Urban Roads to accelerate the asphalt work, emphasizing that recurrent rainfalls could potentially undo the commendable advancements.

James Asante, a motorist familiar with the Odorkor Intersection, remarked on the noticeable reduction in vehicular congestion. “The prompt attention to these potholes has undeniably eased the traffic flow. But it’s crucial that asphalting be expedited, especially considering the recurrent rains,” he observed.

Likewise, a trader named Serwaa commented on how the roadworks had positively influenced her daily commute and business activities, encouraging the authorities to persist with their efforts.

Elaborating on the ongoing projects, the Director of Urban Roads, James Amoo-Gottfried, informed the Daily Graphic about their routine remedial initiatives to bolster the driving experience for those negotiating these previously treacherous routes. He shed light on some paused projects, such as the one at the Interchange at Nungua Barrier, explaining its current suspension and resulting decay.

Amoo-Gottfried reported that teams are working on improvements at the Flowerpot Interchange, Spintex Road, School Junction, and Borteyman. He also noted the significant progress on Kwabre in the Ashanti Region and mentioned that the Sunyani Road is almost complete. Additionally, Tsui Bleoo Road in Teshie has seen considerable development. Efforts are also underway to enhance the Fertiliser Road and the culvert connecting Teshie and Nungua to strengthen connectivity.

Furthermore, a nationwide pothole patching initiative is in full swing, with contractors mobilized for regular maintenance tasks. “Admittedly, the pace isn’t as swift as we’d prefer, but there’s a concrete plan to ensure comprehensive improvements by year’s end,” Amoo-Gottfried concluded.

Source: The Graphic Online

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