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The Ghana Sentinel: Our Story, Your Voice

In the heart of West Africa, nestled between the winding Volta and the vast Atlantic, Ghana has always been a beacon of progress, change, and resilience. A nation with a legacy of independence, we understand the power of free speech and the necessity of unbiased, truthful storytelling. Thus was born The Ghana Sentinel, an embodiment of Ghana’s spirit, providing unerring insight into our politics, society, and business.

Our Mission: Anchored in Authenticity

Ghana’s tapestry is woven from countless narratives — stories of our elders, tales from our villages, and the dynamic dialogue of our cities. The Ghana Sentinel takes on the sacred duty of narrating these stories with authenticity. Through rigorous reporting and unbiased presentation, we delve deep into the heartbeats of our nation.

1. Politics: In a nation that stands as a beacon of democracy in the continent, political discourse is vital. We pledge to deliver uncompromised political news, fostering a well-informed citizenry that’s essential for a thriving democracy.

2. Society: Ghana, with its rich tapestry of cultures, tribes, and traditions, constantly evolves while retaining its core ethos. Our societal news is dedicated to reflecting this dynamic blend, showcasing every hue and shade of our diverse nation.

3. Business: From local enterprises to international ventures, Ghanaian businesses are expanding their footprints. We are committed to tracking these journeys, understanding market trends, and offering insights beneficial to both budding entrepreneurs and seasoned businesspersons.

Independence in Every Letter

Our commitment to impartiality is not just a policy — it’s our very ethos. News, in its truest form, should be free of bias and influence. At The Ghana Sentinel, independence is our north star. We navigate the complex realms of news with a commitment to provide only the most accurate and balanced information. Our stories are penned for the people, by the people, free from external pressures or bias.

Bridging Homelands: Ghana and Beyond

For our brothers and sisters in the diaspora, The Ghana Sentinel is your bridge to home. While oceans may separate you from the red earth of Ghana, our words aim to transport you back to its embrace. Our reports strive to resonate with both the local resident in Accra and the Ghanaian entrepreneur in London, creating a cohesive community irrespective of borders.

Why The Ghana Sentinel?

– Reliability: Our team comprises dedicated journalists and experts who understand the Ghanaian pulse. Rigorous fact-checking and commitment to truth ensure our news stands up to the highest scrutiny.

– Diverse Perspectives: Ghana is a mosaic of experiences. We take pride in our diverse team that captures the multifaceted essence of Ghana, providing holistic and inclusive news.

– A Legacy of Trust: Our commitment to impartiality and independence has earned us the trust of our readers. We consider this trust sacred and strive every day to uphold it.

Join Our Community

The Ghana Sentinel is more than just a news outlet — it’s a community. A gathering place for Ghanaians from all walks of life to engage, discuss, and shape the narrative of our nation. We invite you to read, comment, discuss, and be a part of our journey towards a more informed and united Ghana.

Thank you for choosing The Ghana Sentinel, where every story is a testament to our Ghanaian spirit — past, present, and future.

Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi, an accomplished journalist, boasts of a pivotal year with Insight Links Media where she held the esteemed role of an international correspondent. Specializing in amplifying global stories, Oluwatosin stands out as a skilled writer and a vibrant, articulate speaker. Her unmatched zeal for journalism, combined with her audacious reporting style, distinguishes her in the realm of contemporary journalism. Advocating for truth and transparency, she continuously strives to bring unbiased and relevant narratives to the forefront.






Adeodun Adenike Dorcas boasts over four years of extensive experience in human capital management. Her diverse expertise encompasses areas like writing, strategic project management, and visionary leadership. Committed to elevating Africa’s talent landscape, Adeodun holds a fervent belief in the intrinsic potential of every individual. She is dedicated to ensuring they are equipped with the essential tools and knowledge for their professional ascent. By aligning people’s skills and aspirations with organizational goals, she aims to transform workspaces into centers of innovation and excellence.





Victor Adetimilehin, widely known as Vic’Adex, is a celebrated global arts in medicine fellow and a staunch ambassador for religious tolerance. Beyond his institutional affiliations, Victor is an incredibly passionate and award-winning spoken word artiste, most notably recognized for his stirring poem, “men not gods.” A fervent supporter of pan-Africanism, he actively champions and bolsters Nigerian creative hubs, fostering an environment of artistic growth and cultural exchange. Victor’s dedication to the arts and peace advocacy positions him as a vital influencer in bridging cultural gaps.




Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe, with her four-year tenure as a writer, fervently champions early leadership ideals. Her flagship program, “From Seed to Sequoia Initiative,” is a testament to her commitment, where she mentors secondary school students, helping shape their futures. Ikeoluwa emphasizes the transformative power of human connections. She strongly asserts that genuine, authentic friendships and relationships are the foundational pillars that drive individual and collective success. Guiding young minds, she believes in laying down roots of integrity, passion, and resilience.





Raymond Oluwalola, representing Ennovate Lab, is a distinguished brand strategist and a masterful storyteller. As an esteemed author, poet, and editor, his contributions to the literary world are vast and impactful. With unparalleled dedication, Raymond leads the inspiring “Children That Change The World” initiative, investing in both junior and senior secondary scholars. Through this initiative, he aims to nurture the next generation of leaders and thinkers, emphasizing the importance of education and mentorship.





Motoni Olodun, with an illustrious seven years in marketing operations, stands as a beacon in the field. Specializing in digital strategy and product marketing, she has meticulously crafted strategies that have propelled over twenty global brands to new heights. Her unique creative flair not only assures tangible results but also a lasting impact in the market. Beyond her professional expertise, Motoni is a gifted storyteller. Her fiction and non-fiction narratives captivate and resonate with a diverse audience, showcasing her versatility and depth as a writer.






Otobong Tommy is a violinist, writer, and teacher. With a BSc. in public administration (2014) from Babcock University, Ogun State, Nigeria, she has previously worked at Ventures Africa, NAEC, The Eagles Music Academy, and currently at L’Orbe, a non-profit where she is co-founder, managing the music room targeted at children and teenagers. She also enjoys exploring design and content creation.

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The Ghana Sentinel is an embodiment of Ghana’s spirit, providing unerring insight into our politics, society, and business.

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