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ECOCO Chief Rebuts OSP Allegations Regarding Cecilia Dapaah Investigation

by Motoni Olodun

ACCRA – The head of Ghana’s Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) issued a strong response today to claims made by the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) regarding the investigation of Cecilia Dapaah, a prominent political figure. The dispute centers on allegations of a lack of enthusiasm by EOCO to pursue the case.

In a press release, EOCO’s Director, Mr. Kwadwo Obeng Akrofi, refuted assertions made by the OSP that his agency demonstrated reluctance in investigating and prosecuting Dapaah. He emphasized EOCO’s commitment to thorough and impartial investigations into all matters of corruption, irrespective of the individuals involved.

The disagreement arose following a petition filed by a private citizen, Mr. Mark Tetteh, calling for an investigation into Dapaah’s alleged involvement in corrupt activities related to government contracts. The OSP, led by Special Prosecutor Mr. Martin Amidu at the time, reportedly referred the petition to EOCO for further action.

However, in a subsequent letter addressed to Mr. Akrofi, the OSP expressed dissatisfaction with EOCO’s handling of the case, alleging a lack of zeal in pursuing the matter. Mr. Akrofi vehemently denied these claims, asserting that EOCO diligently conducted investigations and submitted a comprehensive report to the OSP.

The rift between the two anti-corruption agencies highlights the challenges in Ghana’s fight against graft and the complexities of inter-agency cooperation. Corruption remains a significant issue in the country, with Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index consistently ranking Ghana below the global average.

Despite the disagreement, both EOCO and the OSP share a common goal of combating corruption and holding public officials accountable for their actions. The exchange underscores the importance of transparency, accountability, and effective collaboration among institutions tasked with upholding the rule of law.

In recent years, Ghana has made strides in enhancing its anti-corruption framework, including the establishment of specialized agencies like EOCO and the OSP. However, challenges persist, including political interference, resource constraints, and the need for greater public awareness and engagement.

As Ghana continues its fight against corruption, stakeholders must remain vigilant and ensure that institutions operate independently and without fear or favor. Only through collective efforts can the country achieve its goal of a transparent, accountable, and corruption-free society.

Source: Ghana Web

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