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Outrage Over 12-Year-Old Girl’s Marriage in Ghana Sparks Action

GPA Demands Justice, Psychological Care for Young Victim

by Adenike Adeodun

The Ghana Psychological Association (GPA) has publicly denounced a recent incident involving the alleged traditional marriage of a 12-year-old girl to Gborbu Wulomo, Nuumo Borketey Laweh XXXIII, describing it as a grave violation of child rights and a significant danger to the child’s mental and emotional health. The condemnation, articulated through a statement from GPA’s Public Relations Officer, Dr. Isaac Newman Arthur, on April 2, 2024, underscores the organization’s concern over practices that compromise the welfare and development of children.

In the statement, Dr. Arthur references the Children’s Act, 1998 (Act 560), to highlight the illegality of such unions, noting that the Act expressly forbids engaging children under 18 in marriage, betrothal, or dowry transactions. He emphasized the inherent rights of every child to a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment, crucial for their holistic development.

Dr. Arthur articulated the psychological implications of child marriage, pointing out the necessity for love, warmth, and acceptance in the growth trajectory of children. He cautioned that deviation from these essentials could lead to significant developmental deficits and psychological issues that negatively affect individuals into adulthood. He detailed the potential long-term psychological impacts, including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which not only hinder development but also strip the affected children of their innocent years.

Praising the Ghana Police Service for their prompt action in safeguarding the young girl and her mother, Dr. Arthur advocated for stringent legal measures against those involved in orchestrating the marriage. He called on key stakeholders, including the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection and the Department of Social Welfare, to extend mental health support to the victim, suggesting counseling and therapeutic interventions as crucial steps towards recovery.

Furthermore, Dr. Arthur’s statement appealed to the Ghanaian government to strengthen the enforcement of laws designed to protect children from premature and coerced matrimonial alliances. He urged traditional and religious leaders to vocally oppose such detrimental practices and to work towards fostering communities where the rights and well-being of children are actively promoted and safeguarded.

In conclusion, the GPA’s stance is a resounding call to action against child marriage and a plea for community-wide engagement in the protection of children’s rights. By highlighting the psychological ramifications of child marriage, the Association aims to ignite a broader conversation on the urgent need for comprehensive protective measures for children, advocating for a society where the safety, dignity, and rights of every child are upheld.

Source: Graphic Online

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