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Ghana and Malawi Ink Historic Visa Waiver Deal

by Motoni Olodun

In a significant move to bolster bilateral relations, Ghana and Malawi have inked a visa waiver agreement. This landmark deal, which came into effect on February 7, 2024, is applicable to bearers of ordinary, diplomatic, and service passports.

The agreement is a testament to the growing cooperation between the two nations and is expected to facilitate smoother travel for citizens of both countries. Under the terms of the agreement, travelers can enter, leave, and stay in both countries for up to 90 days in a calendar year, provided they do not engage in work.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration of Ghana announced the agreement in a statement issued on March 21, 2024. The Ministry has urged the public to take note of this new visa waiver agreement.

This agreement is a significant step forward in strengthening the ties between Ghana and Malawi. It not only facilitates travel but also opens up new avenues for cultural exchange, business opportunities, and mutual understanding between the people of the two nations.

While this is a significant achievement, it is just one step in the journey towards greater regional integration and cooperation. The hope is that this agreement will serve as a model for other African nations, encouraging them to pursue similar agreements and foster a spirit of unity and cooperation across the continent.

Source: Graphic Online

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