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Asogli Chief Urges Constitutional Reform for Ghana’s Progress

The Agbogbomefia of Asogli calls for a review of the 1992 Constitution to reflect the current realities and aspirations of the people

by Victor Adetimilehin

Ghana’s Constitution, which was adopted in 1992 after a referendum, has been hailed as a model of democracy and stability in Africa. However, some prominent voices have been calling for a revision of the document to address some of the challenges and opportunities that have emerged over the years.

One of them is Togbe Afede XIV, the Agbogbomefia of Asogli, who is also the President of the National House of Chiefs. He made the call at a public forum in Ho, the capital of the Volta Region, as part of the activities to mark the 30th anniversary of the Parliament of Ghana.

Why the Constitution Needs to Change

According to Togbe Afede, the Constitution must be changed to respond to the changes in the environment and the people. 

Based on a report by Ghana Web, he said that a lot had changed since the Constitution was developed, and that its relevance to the present should be taken into account.

He cited the excessive powers bestowed on the President by the Constitution, which he said created a situation where the executive branch dominated the other branches of government. He also mentioned the need for a national development plan that would guide the policies and actions of successive governments.

Togbe Afede said that the Constitution should reflect the directive principles of state policy, which are the fundamental objectives and principles that guide the state in the exercise of its functions. He said that the Constitution should be revised to ensure that the people’s rights and freedoms are protected and promoted.

The Achievements of the Parliament

Togbe Afede also commended the Parliament for its achievements in the past 30 years, especially in the areas of legislation, oversight, and representation. He said that the Parliament had passed close to a thousand bills, some of which had contributed to the development and welfare of the nation.

He also praised the Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, for his bold and effective leadership, especially in managing a hung Parliament, where the two major parties have equal seats. He said that the Speaker had shown impartiality and integrity in his role, and had enhanced the dignity and authority of the Parliament.

Togbe Afede also lauded the efforts of the Parliament to deepen its engagement with the citizens, through public forums, outreach programs, and social media platforms. He said that this would make the Parliament more relevant and responsive to the needs and aspirations of the people.

The Future of Democracy in Ghana

Togbe Afede said that the 30th anniversary of the Parliament was a time to celebrate the achievements of democracy in Ghana, but also a time to reflect on the challenges and opportunities ahead. He said that the Parliament, as the representative of the people, had a crucial role to play in ensuring good governance, accountability, and development.

He urged the Parliament to work with the other arms of government, the civil society, the media, and the international community, to advance the interests of the nation and the continent. He also called on the citizens to participate actively in the democratic process, and to hold their leaders accountable.

He expressed his optimism that Ghana would continue to be a beacon of democracy and peace in Africa, and a model for the rest of the world. He said that with a revised Constitution, a vibrant Parliament, and an engaged citizenry, Ghana would achieve its vision of becoming a prosperous and inclusive society.

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