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New Chief of Sampa Traditional Area Sworn in by Asantehene

A historic moment as a high court judge becomes the first paramount chief to serve in both the judiciary and the public service

by Victor Adetimilehin

The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, has sworn in a new paramount chief for the Sampa Traditional Area in the Bono Region of Ghana. His Lordship Justice Emmanuel Ankamah, a 45-year-old Justice of the Court of Appeal, took the stool name Nana Samgba Gyafla II at a ceremony held at the Manhyia Palace in Kumasi on Monday.

Nana Gyafla II is the first paramount chief in Ghana to serve concurrently in both the judiciary and the public service. He was led to the palace by a large delegation of Sampa kingmakers, elders, and chiefs, who expressed their joy and gratitude to the Asantehene for endorsing their choice.

A Promising Step for Peace and Development

According to a report by Daily Graphic, the Sampa Traditional Area has been without a paramount chief for over a decade, following a protracted chieftaincy dispute that resulted in violence and unrest. The installation of Nana Gyafla II is expected to bring an end to the conflict and usher in a new era of peace and development for the area.

Nana Gyafla II pledged to use his legal expertise and leadership skills to unite his people and promote their welfare. He also thanked the Asantehene for his guidance and support and promised to uphold the traditions and values of the Asante Kingdom.

The Asantehene congratulated Nana Gyafla II on his historic achievement and urged him to work hard to resolve any outstanding issues in his area. He also advised him to collaborate with other chiefs and stakeholders to foster harmony and progress in the region.

A Role Model for the Youth

Nana Gyafla II is a native of Sampa and a graduate of the University of Ghana. He joined the judicial service in 2003 as a magistrate and rose through the ranks to become a Justice of the Court of Appeal in 2020. He is also a lecturer at the Ghana School of Law and a member of several professional bodies.

Nana Gyafla II is married with three children and enjoys reading, writing, and playing chess. He is an advocate of human rights, social justice, and environmental protection. He has authored several books and articles on various legal topics and has received several awards and honors for his outstanding performance and service.

Nana Gyafla II is seen as a role model for the youth, especially those from rural and disadvantaged backgrounds. He has inspired many young people to pursue their dreams and aspirations, regardless of the challenges they may face. He has also initiated and supported several projects and programs to empower and educate the youth in his area.

A New Dawn for Sampa

The installation of Nana Gyafla II as the new paramount chief of Sampa has been hailed as a historic and positive development for the area and the nation. Many people have expressed their hope and optimism that he will bring his wealth of experience and knowledge to bear on the affairs of his people and contribute to the growth and development of Ghana.

Nana Gyafla II has also received commendations and goodwill messages from various dignitaries and institutions, including the President of Ghana, the Chief Justice, the Speaker of Parliament, the Attorney General, the Bar Association, and the National House of Chiefs.

As he begins his dual role as a paramount chief and a high court judge, Nana Gyafla II has assured his people and the public that he will discharge his duties with integrity, impartiality, and excellence. He has also called for the support and cooperation of all to make his vision for Sampa a reality.

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