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Who is Ghana’s Next President?

by Victor Adetimilehin

Kennedy Agyapong is a member of parliament and a businessman. A well-known Ghanaian pastor has predicted that Agyapong will become the country’s president in the future. This prediction has caused controversy among Ghanaians, particularly after Agyapong declared he planned to run in the NPP presidential primary. Isaac Owusu-Bempah, the founder and leader of Glorious Word Miracle Power Ministries International (GWPMI), claims that Agyapong has a divine mandate to lead the country provided he satisfies certain requirements and seeks God’s favor. He claimed to have informed Agyapong about the prophecy long before Agyapong announced his intention to run for office.

Prophets other than Owusu-Bempah have also foretold Agyapong’s political fate. The founder of Parliament Chapel International, Francis Amoako Attah, stated in March 2022 that Agyapong has a unique assignment from God that goes beyond being a legislator. He claimed that Agyapong would become unstoppable because to his popularity and charisma, which would win over the youth. Assin Central’s representative, Agyapong, is well-known for his generosity and outspokenness. Along with his holdings in media, mining, real estate, and agriculture, he is also among Ghana’s wealthiest persons. He joined the legislature in 2000 and has held committee assignments. However, Agyapong’s bid for president would not be easy to achieve. Recently, Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia—who is regarded as President Nana Akufo-Addo’s successor—overcame him in the NPP flagbearer contest. In addition, Agyapong declared he will leave parliament after 20 years of service. He stated that his goals are to coach the next generation and concentrate on his business.

Additionally, they predict that Agyapong might not win over most votes due to his contentious and aggressive campaign approach. Ghana is regarded as one of the most stable and democratic countries in Africa. It has held seven peaceful and competitive elections since 1992, with two peaceful transfers of power between the NPP and the NDC. The country is also known for its rich culture, natural resources, and hospitality. Later this year, the NPP will convene a conference of national delegates to choose its presidential nominee for the general elections in 2024. Former president John Mahama is anticipated to run again, however the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the largest opposition party, has not yet announced who will lead it.

One of the most democratic and stable nations in Africa is thought to be Ghana. Since 1992, there have been seven calm and contested elections, including two amicable handovers of power between the NPP and the NDC. The nation is renowned for its warm hospitality, abundant natural riches, and rich cultural heritage.

Source: Ghana Web

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