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Ghana Navy Saves Thousands from Floods After Dam Spillage

The navy has deployed boats, divers and lifesavers to assist in the rescue efforts.

by Motoni Olodun

The Ghana Navy has announced that it has rescued over 8,000 people from areas affected by the spillage of the Akosombo Dam. The dam, the country’s main source of hydroelectric power, had to release excess water due to heavy rains and high inflows. The spillage, which began on September 15, 2023, has caused severe flooding in several districts along the Volta River, especially in the Volta Region.

Commodore EA Kwafo from the Naval Training Command states that the navy has deployed boats, divers, and lifesavers to assist rescue efforts. He said the navy monitored critical infrastructure and responded to distress calls from the district assemblies, the Volta River Authority (VRA), and the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO). He added that more personnel and logistics would be sent if the situation worsened.

The spillage of the Akosombo Dam has been a recurring challenge for Ghana, as it threatens many communities’ lives, properties, and livelihoods. The last major spillage occurred in 2010 when over 20,000 people were displaced, and several farms were destroyed. Experts have attributed the phenomenon to climate change, which has increased the frequency and intensity of rainfall in the region.

The government has expressed its sympathy and support for the victims of the spillage and assured them of relief items and assistance. President Nana Akufo-Addo visited some affected areas on Monday and urged them to remain calm and resilient. He also called for more collaboration between the government and the VRA to find lasting solutions to the problem.

The VRA has said it follows international standards and best practices in managing the spillage and works closely with other stakeholders to minimize its impact. It has also advised the public to stay away from the banks of the river and adhere to safety precautions.

The Ghana Navy has commended its personnel and partners for their dedication and professionalism in the rescue mission. It has also appealed to the public by providing information and resources to support its efforts. It has vowed to continue operations until all the affected people are safe and secure.

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