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Ghanaians in Israel Fear for Their Lives Amid Gaza Conflict

Some Ghanaians living in Israel say they are not willing to leave unless the situation worsens

by Motoni Olodun
ghanians in israel

The escalating violence between Israel and Hamas has put many Ghanaians living in Israel in a state of fear and uncertainty. Some have told JoyNews that they are not ready to return home despite the risks of staying in a war zone.

Seth Cudjoe, a Ghanaian resident in Israel, said he has a newborn baby who needs stability and care. He said he could not leave his wife and child behind and jump to Ghana. He also said the Ghanaian community in his area is unwilling to leave unless the situation worsens.

Cudjoe said he is in touch with the Ghanaian embassy, which has given him instructions on how to stay safe and avoid being caught in the crossfire. He said the embassy has also assured him that they will facilitate the evacuation of Ghanaians if necessary.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian group that controls the Gaza Strip, erupted on October 7 when Hamas launched a surprise attack on several Israeli towns with rockets and drones. Israel responded with airstrikes and ground troops, killing hundreds of Palestinians and injuring thousands more. Israel also imposed a total blockade on Gaza, cutting off its access to food, fuel, and other essentials.

The international community has called for an immediate ceasefire and a return to the negotiations for a two-state solution. However, both sides have rejected mediation efforts and vowed to continue fighting until their demands are met.

The conflict has also sparked protests and clashes in other parts of the region, such as Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt, where many people have expressed solidarity with the Palestinians. Some African countries, such as Sudan, Djibouti, and South Africa, have condemned Israel’s actions and supported the Palestinian cause.

However, some African countries, such as Zambia, Kenya, and Ghana, have been more sympathetic to Israel’s right to defend itself from Hamas’s attacks. Israel has been trying to improve its relations with Africa recently, offering economic and security cooperation and opening new embassies.

Ghana and Israel resumed diplomatic ties in 2011, after a break of almost four decades following the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Since then, the two countries have engaged in trade, tourism, and cultural exchanges.

Many Ghanaians in Israel work in various sectors, such as agriculture, health care, and education. They also contribute to the development of their home country through remittances and investments.

Despite the current crisis, some hope peace will prevail soon, and they can continue living in Israel without fear.

Source: MyJoyOnline

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