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Korle-Bu’s CEO: 5 million Ghanaians have kidney diseases

by Adenike Adeodun

Dr. Opoku Ware Ampomah, Chief Executive Officer of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, expressed concern regarding the alarming increase in kidney diseases, stating that 17% of Ghanaians now face kidney issues.

Records from the hospital indicate nearly 700 patients nationwide require regular dialysis treatment. Speaking on Citi TV, Dr. Ampomah stressed the importance of early diagnosis and lifestyle changes. “Around 17% of our population, or about 5 million people, are dealing with kidney challenges. Compared to the African average of 15%, this is significant. Yet, many can effectively manage with early diagnosis and lifestyle changes,” he said.

According to a report by Graphic Online, he further elucidated that kidneys inherently have excess capacity, implying that an individual can remain healthy even after donating a kidney. “In fact, a healthy individual needs only half a kidney to function normally,” Dr. Ampomah added.

Addressing recent fee changes, he linked them to the Cedi’s fluctuating value and inflation, both of which have impacted operational costs. “The initial pricing of GH¢380 was set years ago. Due to financial changes, we are no longer covering our expenses for these services. Adjusting the prices wasn’t a profit move, but rather to maintain the service,” the CEO explained.

Concerning the failure to secure Parliament’s approval for the new fee structure, Dr. Ampomah admonished staff for prematurely publicising the revised rates. “The department released the new prices without my knowledge. We’re still charging GH¢380,” he clarified.

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