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Ghana Hosts 66th Commonwealth Conference

by Adenike Adeodun

Ghana’s Accra International Conference Centre is buzzing with preparations. It’s set to host the 66th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC) from September 30 to October 6, 2023. Thus, Accra stands ready to shine on the global stage.

This year’s theme, “The Commonwealth Charter 10 Years On: Values and Principles for Parliaments to Uphold,”, not only revisits the past but also challenges today’s parliamentarians. The focus? Maintaining integrity and championing democratic values.

As the event nears, excitement grows. About 600 delegates will soon arrive. This list boasts notable speakers, parliamentarians, behind-the-scenes staff, and governance leaders. Also, 56 national and 111 sub-national assembly members from the Commonwealth are ready to join.

According to a report by Graphic Online, Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, Speaker of Parliament, will lead the event. He also presides over both the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) and its Ghana Branch.

Recently, Cyril Nsiah, Clerk-to-Parliament, highlighted the conference’s goals. He emphasised strengthening Commonwealth ties and addressing global issues. The agenda also prioritises shared values and parliamentary diplomacy. As Nsiah put it, “We aim to create policies that truly serve our citizens.”

Next, Ghana’s President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, will kick off the conference on October 4, 2023. Following this, diverse workshops will tackle topics ranging from security to the economy.

Furthermore, a critical workshop will address the threat of terrorism to statehood. The National Security Minister will lead this key session.

But the CPC is not alone. Alongside, events like the CPA General Assembly, the 39th CPA Small Branches conference, and the 2023 Parliamentarian of the Year award will unfold.

Lastly, on October 3, 2023, delegates will experience Ghana’s rich heritage. As Nsiah stated, international guests will savor the nation’s cultural and historical gems.

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