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TEYIA Calls for Sanitary Pad Banks in Marginalised Areas

by Adenike Adeodun

Over 1,000 TEYIA project members recently urged the government to set up sanitary pad banks in underserved communities. Their goal? Every young girl should have a dignified menstrual experience.

According toa report by Graphic Online, TEYIA, initiated by International Needs Ghana, gets support from groups like UNICEF and the European Union. They operate mainly in districts within the Central Region.

Members voiced their concerns in Cape Coast Metropolis, wielding signs promoting youth empowerment. They later presented their demands to Justina Marigold Assan, representing the Central Regional Minister.

They want taxes on sanitary pads removed. Their reason is clear: pads have become too pricey. This price hike exposes some girls to exploitative men. These men offer to buy them pads, but with ulterior motives. Sadly, this puts many girls at risk of unplanned pregnancies and infections.

The petition also sheds light on child marriages and cohabitation. These issues impact girls’ education and well-being. Shockingly, some pregnant adolescents are forced to live with the men responsible, deepening the cycle of exploitation.

In response, the petitioners are urging action. They want the Regional Minister to work with the Regional House of Chiefs. Together, they hope to introduce by-laws against cohabitation and child marriage. By involving the country’s esteemed chiefs, they believe this message can resonate deeply.

Additionally, the petition emphasises sexual health education for the youth. With knowledge, they can protect themselves better.

Responding to the plea, Kingsley Agyei Boahene, the Central Regional Director, provided assurance. He affirmed their commitment to youth welfare, echoing the regional administration’s dedication.

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