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Ghanaian tanker owners protest against Chinese competition

Local operators appeal to regulator to stop influx of foreign trucks in oil and gas sector

by Motoni Olodun

Ghana’s oil and gas industry is grappling with a new issue as a wave of Chinese-owned tanker trucks enters the market, putting local businesses at risk.

Representing around 4,000 local tanker owners and drivers, the Tanker Owners Union has urged the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), the sector’s governing body, to halt the surge of Chinese-operated trucks.

In a formal letter to the NPA, the union claimed that these Chinese trucks are undercutting local prices and snatching contracts from domestic oil distributors.

The union further alleged that these Chinese-operated vehicles flout safety and environmental guidelines, thereby endangering public health and safety.

Ignatius Koku Doe, the union’s executive secretary, told Modern Ghana, “We’re losing our livelihoods to these Chinese trucks that not only offer cheaper rates but also disregard local regulations. We urge the NPA to take immediate action.”

Doe revealed that approximately 300 Chinese trucks have already been imported, with more expected. He also mentioned that some trucks are registered under local names to avoid scrutiny and taxes.

The union clarified that it is not opposed to foreign investment but seeks fair competition and equitable treatment for local businesses.

Doe said, “We welcome foreign investment, but it must be respectful of our laws and competitive practices. We’re not against China or any other country; we just want a level playing field.”

Despite attempts to engage with the NPA and other authorities, the union has yet to receive a satisfactory response and is considering legal and industrial actions.

“We’re prepared to defend our industry using all legitimate means,” Doe added.

While the NPA has not officially commented, internal sources indicate that the agency is aware of the situation and is working on solutions, including an audit of all tanker trucks for compliance with regulations.

Ghana is a leading African oil producer, contributing significantly to the nation’s GDP and employment. However, the industry faces challenges like price volatility, governance issues, and now, foreign competition.

The situation also highlights China’s growing influence in Ghana, which includes being its largest trading partner and source of foreign direct investment.

Critics have raised concerns about China’s role in Ghana, accusing it of prioritizing its own interests over those of the host country.

The issue of Chinese tanker trucks exemplifies the complexities of foreign involvement in Ghana’s oil and gas sector, calling for multi-stakeholder dialogue and regulatory oversight.

It also underscores the need for innovation among local operators and public awareness about the sector’s impact on Ghana’s economy and society.

The matter is not just an economic concern but also touches on political, cultural, and sustainability issues, affecting both Ghana’s present and future.

Source: Modern Ghana 

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