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Canada, UK Fund Health Training for Ghana’s Animal Workers

by Adenike Adeodun

In Ghana’s Upper East Region, livestock farming has seen a promising uplift. 106 Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) finished a special training. This training was part of the “Volunteers Engaged in Gender Responsive Technical Solutions” (VETS) project. Veterinarians Without Borders, Canada, is the organisation leading this initiative.

Funding for this initiative came from Global Affairs, Canada, and the UK’s Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs. The Ghana Poultry Network (GAPNET) collaborated locally, according to a report by Graphic Online.

Participants came from 38 communities, including Kassena Nankana West District. After training, they got mobile phones with the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s EMA-I app. This app will improve animal healthcare in their areas. They also received vaccine flasks and bags.

National Project Coordinator Dorothy Asare spoke about its goals at the end of the training. She said the aim is to improve livestock production in the benefiting areas. “Good livestock care is key for food security and rural growth. We want to give you tools for basic animal healthcare using telehealth,” Asare mentioned.

Telehealth uses digital technology for healthcare. It will address the gaps in animal health services in rural areas. “You are the link between animal owners and the Veterinary Service Unit of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA). We want accurate information from you,” Asare added.

She said the project’s success hinges on improved livestock care. She called on leaders to support the CAHWs. And she assured me that GAPNET would provide needed incentives for steady incomes.

Dr. Henry Nii Ayi Anang praised the project’s timeliness. But he warned CAHWs to remember their limits. “You are here for primary animal care, not full veterinary services,” Dr. Anang said.

Alhaji Zakaria Fuseini, the Regional Food and Agriculture Director, viewed the training as vital for livestock growth. He also encouraged younger attendees to study more in the veterinary field.

This partnership is key for enhancing livestock growth, food safety, and rural development in Ghana’s Upper East Region.

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