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Ghanaian minister accused of using fake identity to run real estate company

Unmasking the Alleged Fraudulent Activities

by Motoni Olodun

Ghanaian Minister, Cecilia Abena Dapaah, is currently embroiled in a serious Ghana Minister Real Estate Scandal. Accusations have surfaced, claiming she used a fraudulent identity to run a real estate firm, allegedly involved in acquiring properties and lands unlawfully.

The Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) in Ghana, an independent agency combating corruption, exposed these claims. It appears that Dapaah operated under the pseudonym “Cecilia Abena Dapaah-Boateng,” using this identity to lead a company named Ceebod Limited.

During 2013-2017, Ceebod Limited actively engaged in numerous real estate dealings. Dapaah-Boateng is alleged to be a fabricated name, created by Dapaah herself to remain anonymous and elude public and authoritative scrutiny.

Dapaah reportedly utilized her ministerial influence to secure lands and properties from both state entities and private owners either for free or at significantly reduced prices. The properties in question include highly valued lands and houses acquired for much less than their market value, raising eyebrows and suspicions.

The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority reportedly sold a 10-acre piece of land to Ceebod Limited for a mere GH¢1.5 million, while its actual valuation was a staggering GH¢10 million. Similar stories echo through the sales of lands and houses, each revealing valuation and sales price discrepancies.

Not only did Dapaah allegedly abuse her power to influence these sales, but it’s also claimed she failed to declare any association with Ceebod Limited or its assets, which is a legal requirement. The OSP has categorized these actions as fraud, corruption, and abuse of office, all serious offenses under Ghanaian law.

Legal proceedings have been initiated against both Dapaah and Ceebod Limited. The OSP is set to interrogate them further regarding these allegations. The President of Ghana has also been informed of these findings, with recommendations for appropriate actions against Dapaah laid out.

Despite these serious allegations, there has been no response from Dapaah. Serving as a minister since 2017, Dapaah was first appointed as the Minister of Aviation before transferring to the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources in 2018.

Dapaah also represents the Bantama constituency in the Ashanti region as a Member of Parliament, where she has been elected four times since 2004. As a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), she is part of a political group that has pledged to eradicate corruption and endorse good governance in Ghana.

However, these allegations and other corruption scandals involving the NPP’s ministers and officials have negatively impacted the party’s reputation and public image. The OSP, established in 2018, continues its fight against corruption despite various challenges and obstacles, vowing to expose and eradicate corruption at all levels.

Source: Ghana Web

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