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Russian Embassy in Ghana Denies Connection to Detained Wagner-Linked Suspects

by Adenike Adeodun

Ghanaian authorities have arrested three suspects in the Western Region. They are believed to have ties with Russia’s Wagner mercenary group. This move led the Russian Embassy in Accra to promptly distance itself from the detainees. 

The Western Regional Police have charged three suspects: Evans, aged 25, Michael Asiedu, 23, and Ernest Asiedu, 26. Police detained them in Diabene, a part of the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis. The arrests came after the suspects held a meeting that displayed Wagner and Russian flags. 

According to the police, an unnamed Australian benefactor had been working with the detainees. Together, they aimed to form a paramilitary group. They gathered about 20 young people in a local park in Diabene. An anonymous tip led law enforcement agencies to capture them.

The Russian Embassy in Ghana took to social media to clear the air. They used platform X, Twitter’s successor, to deny any connection with the detainees or the event. As early as August, the embassy had alerted Ghanaian authorities about a possible rally involving Russia-related symbols. 

The embassy also said it didn’t supply the protesters with Russian flags or apparel. Nor did it establish contact with any sponsors, domestic or international. “We informed local authorities about the event and have refrained from supporting it,” the statement read. 

According to a report by Graphic Online, the Russian Embassy expressed confidence in Ghana’s law enforcement and legal agencies. “We trust that a comprehensive investigation will identify all involved parties, who will then face accountability under the law,” they stated. 

The embassy also affirmed its commitment to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. It emphasised its aim to maintain a mutually respectful relationship with Ghana.

The ongoing case shines a light on the shadowy operations of mercenary groups and puts diplomatic relations under the microscope. This case serves as a call to action for nations to reassess their international commitments.

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