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Smashed Glass, Roadblocks, Burning Tyres: NDC Supporters Protest Arrest of ‘Kasoa PC’

NDC Protesters React to Arrest with Fiery Demonstration

by Motoni Olodun

Supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) launched a fiery protest following the arrest of a prominent party figure, ‘Kasoa PC,’ in Kasoa. The demonstration, characterized by smashed glass, roadblocks, and burning tires, highlighted deep-seated political tensions in the region.

The protest erupted shortly after news spread of the arrest of ‘Kasoa PC,’ a well-known NDC supporter. His detention, under undisclosed charges, sparked immediate outrage among his followers, who quickly mobilized to express their dissent. The streets of Kasoa transformed into a chaotic scene as demonstrators took drastic measures to voice their discontent.

Protesters blocked major roads with makeshift barricades, using burning tires and debris to halt traffic. The thick smoke from the fires filled the air, creating a tense and hazardous environment. Witnesses reported significant property damage, including shattered glass from nearby businesses and vehicles.

“We are tired of the political harassment,” one protester shouted. “This arrest is just another attempt to silence our leaders.” The NDC supporters’ anger and frustration were palpable as they continued their demonstration, undeterred by the presence of law enforcement.

Local law enforcement responded by deploying officers to manage the situation and restore order. Despite their efforts, the protest persisted for several hours, causing widespread disruption and significant traffic delays. Authorities urged residents to avoid the affected areas and maintain calm while they worked to control the situation.

The NDC has condemned the arrest, calling it an act of political persecution. Party officials demanded the immediate release of ‘Kasoa PC’ and a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding his detention. “This is an attack on our democracy,” an NDC spokesperson stated. “We will not stand by while our members are unjustly targeted.”

In response to the protests, the police issued a statement urging restraint and promising a fair and transparent investigation. “We understand the concerns of the community and are committed to upholding justice,” the statement read. “However, we must also maintain law and order and ensure that protests do not lead to further violence or property damage.”

Political tensions in Kasoa have been simmering for some time, with frequent clashes between NDC supporters and opposing factions. The arrest of ‘Kasoa PC’ has only intensified these tensions, highlighting the deep-seated political divisions in the area.

As night fell, the protests began to wane, but the underlying issues remained unresolved. The NDC has vowed to continue their fight for justice and to hold those responsible for the arrest accountable. Plans for further demonstrations have been hinted at, depending on the developments in ‘Kasoa PC’s’ case.

The Kasoa community is now grappling with the aftermath of the protest. Local leaders are calling for dialogue and a peaceful resolution to avoid further escalation. The events of the day have underscored the urgent need to address the root causes of political discord and ensure that the rule of law prevails.

In conclusion, the arrest of ‘Kasoa PC’ has sparked a significant outcry among NDC supporters, leading to violent protests and widespread disruption. The incident has brought to light the deep political rifts within the community and the challenges of maintaining peace and order amid such divisions. As the situation develops, all eyes will be on the authorities and political leaders to navigate this crisis and find a path forward.

Source: GhanaWeb

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