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 Ndoum Demands Repayment of GH₵7.1 Billion and Restoration of Banking License

Ndoum Seeks Government Repayment and License Restoration

by Motoni Olodun

Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum, founder of GN Bank, is calling on the Ghanaian government to repay GH₵7.1 billion owed to his financial institution and restore its banking license. Ndoum’s demand comes amidst ongoing legal battles and financial challenges faced by the bank since its license was revoked in 2019.

GN Bank, once a prominent player in Ghana’s banking sector, had its license withdrawn as part of a broader effort by the Bank of Ghana to clean up the financial industry. The central bank cited insolvency and non-compliance with regulatory requirements as reasons for the revocation. Ndoum, however, contends that the government owes his bank a substantial amount, which if repaid, would restore the bank’s solvency and allow it to resume operations.

The businessman and politician argues that the government’s failure to settle the debt has unfairly impacted his bank and its stakeholders. He claims that the non-payment has exacerbated the financial difficulties faced by GN Bank, affecting employees, customers, and the broader financial ecosystem in Ghana.

Ndoum has taken his case to the courts, seeking legal redress and a resolution to the financial impasse. He is optimistic that a favorable court ruling will compel the government to honor its obligations, thereby enabling GN Bank to regain its footing in the market. The restoration of the banking license, Ndoum believes, is crucial for reinstating confidence among the bank’s customers and investors.

The financial sector in Ghana has undergone significant reforms in recent years, with the central bank aiming to enhance stability and protect depositors’ funds. While these reforms have been praised for addressing systemic risks, they have also led to the closure of several financial institutions, sparking debates about regulatory fairness and the impact on local businesses.

Stakeholders in the financial industry are closely watching the outcome of Ndoum’s legal challenge. The case highlights the tensions between regulatory enforcement and the need to support local enterprises. A resolution in favor of Ndoum could set a precedent for similar cases and influence future regulatory policies.

Despite the challenges, Ndoum remains hopeful that justice will prevail and that GN Bank will be able to resume its role in Ghana’s financial landscape. He emphasizes the importance of trust and accountability in the banking sector, advocating for a fair and transparent resolution to the ongoing dispute.

Source: GhanaWeb

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