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No Room for Partisanship at Ghana’s Royal Celebration

Organizers Request Attendees to Respect Asantehene's Neutrality During Festivities

by Victor Adetimilehin

As Ghana celebrates the Silver Jubilee of Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, organizers are urging attendees to leave political affiliations at the door. The year-long commemoration of the king’s 25th anniversary on the throne is intended to be a unifying event, and organizers are taking steps to ensure a respectful atmosphere for all guests.

A Celebration of Unity

Nsuase Poku Agyeman II, the Asantehene’s Akyeamehene (chief linguist) and a member of the anniversary planning committee emphasized the non-partisan nature of the celebrations. “The Asantehene transcends politics,” Agyeman II declared at a press conference on April 23rd. “He serves as a unifying figure for all Ghanaians, and we want visitors to respect that.”

The press conference addressed concerns about the potential politicization of the event. Organizers observed “pockets of party paraphernalia” at previous celebrations and are committed to maintaining a neutral space for all Ghanaians to celebrate their cherished king.

Festivities Mark a Milestone Reign

The Silver Jubilee celebrations kicked off in February 2024 with the launch of a book dedicated to the Asantehene’s predecessor, Otumfuo Sir Agyeman Prempeh II. Since then, Ghanaians have enjoyed a vibrant food fair and eagerly await upcoming events.

A highlight of the celebrations will be the grand durbar (court ceremony) on April 24th, coinciding with the traditional Awukudae festival. This event promises a spectacular display of Ghanaian culture and heritage. The remaining festivities include a dazzling fireworks display, a lively musical concert, and a grand non-denominational church service on April 26th, the official anniversary of the Asantehene’s enthronement.

Respecting Tradition and the King’s Role

The Asantehene holds immense significance in Ghana. As the king of the Ashanti people and a revered figure throughout the nation, he embodies Ghanaian unity and tradition.

“The Asantehene has always championed the well-being of all Ghanaians, regardless of political affiliation,” reiterated Agyeman II. “This celebration is about honoring the Overlord of the Golden Stool, not promoting individual politicians or political parties.”

The Silver Jubilee presents a unique opportunity for Ghanaians to celebrate their rich cultural heritage and the reign of a beloved monarch. By emphasizing the Asantehene’s unifying role and requesting guests to refrain from political displays, organizers aim to create an inclusive and respectful atmosphere for all participants.

The success of these celebrations will hinge on Ghanaians coming together to honor their traditions and celebrate the Asantehene’s remarkable 25-year reign. As Ghana looks towards the future, the Silver Jubilee serves as a potent reminder of the nation’s shared history and enduring cultural identity.

Source: Graphic Online 

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