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Ejisu By-Election: Nyantakyi Appeals for Forgiveness

by Motoni Olodun

Former president of the Ghana Football Association, Kwesi Nyantakyi, is making a plea to voters in Ejisu as he seeks redemption amidst a controversial past. Nyantakyi, who resigned from his position in 2018 following allegations of corruption, is now running for the parliamentary seat in the Ejisu constituency. In a bid to gain public trust, Nyantakyi is urging citizens to overlook his past transgressions and consider his current commitment to serving the community.

The by-election, scheduled for April 15th, has stirred debate among constituents regarding Nyantakyi’s eligibility for public office. Despite his tarnished reputation, the former football executive is appealing to the electorate to judge him based on his present intentions rather than his past mistakes.

During a recent campaign rally, Nyantakyi acknowledged his imperfections, stating, “We’re all not perfect. Look beyond my past life and consider me.” He emphasized the importance of redemption and expressed his dedication to addressing the needs of the people in Ejisu.

The constituency, located in the Ashanti Region, has seen significant political activity in recent weeks as various candidates vie for the vacant seat. Nyantakyi’s candidacy has sparked both support and skepticism, with some praising his experience in sports administration while others question his suitability for public office.

Despite facing criticism, Nyantakyi remains optimistic about his chances in the upcoming election. He has pledged to prioritize issues such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure development if elected as the next member of parliament for Ejisu.

In response to concerns about his integrity, Nyantakyi has promised transparency and accountability in his leadership, vowing to uphold the principles of good governance. He has also called for unity among constituents, urging them to set aside personal biases and focus on the collective goal of progress and development.

As the by-election draws near, voters in Ejisu are faced with a critical decision that could shape the future of their constituency. The outcome of the election will not only determine their representation in parliament but also send a message about the importance of forgiveness and second chances in public life.

Despite the controversies surrounding his past, Nyantakyi remains hopeful that voters will recognize his commitment to positive change and grant him the opportunity to serve the community. With just days left until the polls open, the spotlight remains on Ejisu as citizens prepare to cast their votes and chart a new course for their constituency.

Source: Ghana Web

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