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NPP’s Acheampong Predicts Victory, Dismisses NDC’s 2024 Chances

Economic Recovery Key to NPP's Continued Governance, Says Acheampong

by Adenike Adeodun

In a bold statement echoing sentiments he shared last year, Bryan Acheampong, the Member of Parliament for Abetifi Constituency and Minister of Agriculture, has once again affirmed that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will not be victorious in the 2024 general elections. Acheampong, a prominent figure within the New Patriotic Party (NPP), articulated his confidence in the NPP’s continued governance, dismissing the possibility of a power transfer to the NDC.

During a unity walk in Mpraeso, Kwahu South Municipality, as part of the Kwahu Easter celebrations—an event that brought together party faithful to demonstrate solidarity—Acheampong reiterated his stance on the political landscape of Ghana. This unity walk, a symbol of cohesion within the NPP, served as the backdrop for Acheampong’s statements, highlighting the party’s resolve and unity ahead of the upcoming electoral challenge.

“Last year, in this very place, I declared that the NDC would not win the December 7 polls, and thus, the NPP would not hand over power to them. Why would power be handed over to a party that cannot secure an electoral victory?” Acheampong posed to the attendees. He used the occasion to remind his audience of the economic difficulties that Ghana faced when he first made such declarations. Challenges such as the inability of contractors to progress with projects, including the ambitious agenda 111, were underscored as significant hurdles faced by the nation, exacerbated by the global impact of COVID-19 and the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

Despite these adversities, Acheampong highlighted the NPP government’s rigorous efforts to stabilize and grow the economy. He pointed to a series of successful measures that have led to a commendable recovery, noting improvements in the exchange rate and a reduction in inflation as key indicators of the government’s successful economic management. These achievements, according to Acheampong, are not only a testament to the NPP’s governance capabilities but are also likely to influence the electorate’s preference, favoring the NPP in the 2024 elections.

The confidence expressed by Acheampong in the NPP’s economic stewardship is part of a broader narrative that the party intends to campaign on. By emphasizing economic recovery and stability, the NPP seeks to consolidate its base and appeal to the undecided voter, arguing that continuity in governance is essential for sustaining the positive trends observed in the economy.

Acheampong’s declaration goes beyond mere political bravado; it is a calculated assertion based on the government’s performance metrics and a belief in the electorate’s capacity to recognize and reward effective governance. His dismissal of the NDC’s chances at the polls is rooted in a confidence borne of tangible economic achievements and a coherent strategy aimed at addressing Ghana’s challenges.

Moreover, Acheampong’s remarks serve as a rallying cry to the NPP faithful, urging them to remain united and focused on the task ahead. The unity walk in Mpraeso, beyond being a mere celebratory event, was a manifestation of the party’s collective will and determination to face the electoral battle with a unified front.

In conclusion, Bryan Acheampong’s statements reflect a broader confidence within the NPP about their prospects in the upcoming 2024 elections. By foregrounding the government’s economic management as a key campaign pillar, Acheampong and the NPP are positioning themselves as the party of stability and progress. As Ghana heads towards another electoral milestone, the political discourse is set to be dominated by debates over economic policies, governance track records, and visions for the country’s future. Acheampong’s preemptive dismissal of the NDC’s chances is not just a commentary on the opposition’s perceived weaknesses but a bold declaration of the NPP’s readiness to defend its record and contest the elections with a belief in their inevitable victory.

Source: Graphic Online

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