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Church Leader Equates LGBTQ+ Movement to Religious Crusade

Rev. Dr. Wengam Critiques Global LGBTQ+ Campaign, Calls for Action

by Adenike Adeodun

In a controversial statement, Rev. Dr. Stephen Yenusom Wengam, the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Ghana, has sparked significant discourse by equating the LGBTQ+ community’s advocacy efforts to a form of religious practice aimed at influencing global perspectives negatively. This assertion was made during the launch of “Supernatural Intelligence and Academic Miracles,” a book by Rev. Dr. Kwadwo Boateng Bempah, at the Holy Hill Chapel in Accra on March 24, 2024.

Rev. Dr. Wengam’s remarks, framing the LGBTQ+ movement as a challenge to traditional religious values, underline a call to action for believers to fortify their faith and intellectual acumen to counteract what he perceives as the widespread impact of LGBTQ+ advocacy. According to him, this movement has globally positioned itself in a manner akin to religious propagation, demanding a strategic and spiritually enlightened response from the Christian community.

The book that occasioned these remarks delves into the realm of divine intervention in academics, offering hope and guidance to individuals who have faced setbacks in their educational endeavors. Authored by Rev. Dr. Bempah, the work emphasizes the limitless nature of God’s miraculous power, not just in physical healing or material provision but also in overcoming academic challenges. It is a call to recognize the supernatural as an integral part of overcoming obstacles in all areas of life, including education.

The event itself was a vibrant mix of spiritual insight, musical performances, and testimonies, drawing attendees from various tertiary institutions across Ghana. It underscored the belief in the transformative power of faith and education as tools for societal change and personal breakthroughs.

Furthermore, Rev.Dr.r Wengam elaborated on the strategic positioning of LGBTQ+ advocates in societal roles, utilizing their platforms to advance their causes. His statement not only challenges the Christian community to engage in academic and spiritual excellence but also to envision a future where the next generations are influenced by God’s saving power rather than the ideologies he associates with the LGBTQ+ movement.

This stance, while reflective of a broader global dialogue on the intersection of religion, sexuality, and societal values, highlights the deep divides and the often contentious nature of discussions surrounding LGBTQ+ rights and religious freedom. Rev. Dr. Wengam’s comparison of LGBTQ+ advocacy to a religion opens up complex debates about belief systems, the role of education in shaping societal norms, and the spaces for tolerance and inclusivity within religious communities.

As the conversation unfolds, it remains clear that the intersection of faith, education, and LGBTQ+ rights will continue to be a space of intense discussion and varied perspectives. The assertions made by Rev. Dr. Wengam at the book launch are a testament to the ongoing and evolving dialogue about the role of religion in addressing or contesting social movements and the ways in which communities navigate these multifaceted issues.

Source: Graphic Online

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