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Ghana Telecoms Chamber to Block Unlinked Mobile Money Agents from February 1

Deadline for Mobile Money Agents to Link Ghana Card Set for January 31

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe
Ghana Mobile Money Agent Blockage

The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications has issued a firm directive to Electronic Money Issuers (EMIs) nationwide, setting a deadline of January 31, 2024, for the linking of agent accounts with either the Ghana Card or Tax Identification Number (TIN). Failure to comply with this directive by the end of the business day on Wednesday will result in the blocking of their SIM cards.

This directive, announced on January 30, 2024, is the outcome of extensive discussions with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and is part of a broader effort to regulate and formalize the mobile money sector in Ghana.

The Chamber’s statement specifically highlighted, “All agent accounts without Ghana Cards will be blocked on February 1, 2024.” This move underscores the commitment of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications to ensure compliance with national financial regulations.

In the lead-up to the deadline, the Chamber has actively communicated the necessary information regarding this exercise to affected agents through various channels. In a final press release, the Chamber urged agents to regularize their operations by linking their accounts with their Ghana Cards or TIN to avoid disruption of their services.

For agents who may find their accounts suspended come February 1, 2024, the Chamber has provided a clear recourse. Affected individuals can visit any operator outlets with their Ghana Card or TIN to complete the linking process and have their accounts reactivated.

The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications acknowledges the crucial role mobile financial services play in promoting financial inclusion and driving economic growth in Ghana. By ensuring that all mobile money agents comply with these regulations, the Chamber aims to maintain a convenient, secure, and accessible financial services environment for all Ghanaians.

This initiative is a significant step towards enhancing the integrity and security of the mobile money ecosystem in Ghana, ensuring that it continues to serve as a reliable and vital financial resource for individuals and businesses across the nation.

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