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Boako Denies Receiving Vice President’s Support for Parliamentary Bid

Economic Advisor to VP Dismisses Claims of Unfair Advantage in Upcoming Primary

by Adenike Adeodun

Dr. Gideon Boako, the Economic Advisor and Spokesperson for Ghana’s Vice President, has refuted claims of receiving any resources from the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, to fund his parliamentary campaign. Boako, gearing up to challenge the incumbent New Patriotic Party Member of Parliament in the Tano North Constituency, clarified his position during an interview on Joy News’ PM Express.

Addressing suggestions that his association with the Vice President might give him an upper hand in the party’s primary on Saturday, January 27, 2024, Boako emphasized that his campaign has been self-funded with the support of friends and family. He firmly stated that he has not received financial or other forms of support from the Vice President.

Responding to queries about whether Dr. Bawumia had influenced delegates to vote for him, Boako remarked, “The Vice President wouldn’t do that for any reason.” He explained that his campaign has been modest and independent, relying on personal resources and contributions from his social circle.

According to a report by My Joy Online, Boako highlighted the transparency of his campaign funding, mentioning contributions from various sources, including childhood friends and a family member in the US. Despite a frugal campaign approach, he expressed uncertainty about the impending primary but maintained that he has managed to run a decent campaign without relying on government resources.

Meanwhile, the campaign team of the incumbent MP for Tano North, Freda Prempeh, has debunked a supposed survey by the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) favoring Boako in the primary. Prempeh’s team, in a statement, questioned the credibility of the survey findings, stating that delegates denied participation in any such poll. The statement also criticized attempts by their opponent’s team to manipulate public perception and compromise the integrity of the primaries.

Prempeh’s campaign remains confident in securing the majority of delegate votes, citing strong support among the constituents. Nearly 700 delegates are expected to vote in the closely watched primaries on January 27.

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