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LPG Leader Vows to Dominate Ghana’s Politics in 2024

The Liberal Party of Ghana says it will retain its founder as its flagbearer for the next general election

by Victor Adetimilehin

The Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) has announced that it will stick with its founder, Mr Percival Kofi Akpaloo, as its presidential candidate for the 2024 polls.

The party, which was formed in 2016, says it is confident that Mr Akpaloo has what it takes to lead the country and end the duopoly between the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

A Liberal Vision for Ghana

Mr Jerry Owusu Appauh, the General Secretary of the LPG, told the Ghana News Agency on Monday that the party had a liberal vision for Ghana that would transform the economy and improve the lives of the people.

He said the LPG would implement a “Child Benefit” program, where the government would give families and mothers with children monthly stipends to ease the burden on parents.

He also said the LPG would introduce an “Unemployment Benefit” policy, where unemployed youth would be supported with a monthly stipend to take care of basic needs.

“We are the only liberal party in Ghana, and we know what the two parties have done so far, so we are just appealing to Ghana to give us the opportunity as liberals to turn things around for the country,” he said.

A Challenge to The Status Quo

The LPG, which contested in the 2020 general election, failed to win any parliamentary seat and secured only 0.1% of the presidential votes.

However, the party said it is not discouraged by the results and is determined to challenge the status quo in the 2024 election.

“We supported the NPP to win the elections but honestly, we all as Ghanaians know the disappointment that has come from the camp of the NPP. The NDC has also gotten the opportunity so many times, but they were not able to do anything meaningful to help Ghana,” Mr Appauh said.

He said the LPG was currently electing regional and electoral area officers, who would be trained to garner support and votes for the party at the grassroots level.

He also said the party would hold a congress in April to acclaim the candidature of Mr Akpaloo, who is a businessman and an economist.

The LPG stated that it is hopeful that Ghanaians will embrace its liberal agenda and give it a chance to govern the country in 2024.

The party said it has a realistic and pragmatic plan to address the challenges facing the country, such as corruption, unemployment, poverty, and poor infrastructure.

The party also noted that it is committed to promoting human rights, democracy, and the rule of law in Ghana.

“We are not here to make empty promises or to deceive the people. We are here to offer a better alternative and a brighter future for Ghana. We believe that with the support of the people, we can make it happen,” Mr Appauh said.

Source: Modern Ghana 

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