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Mother Defends Son’s Education Choice Amidst Controversy

A woman explains why she delayed her son's admission to a prestigious school

by Victor Adetimilehin

A mother who reportedly denied her son the opportunity to attend one of the best secondary schools in Ghana has spoken out to clear the air. She claimed that her financial situation, not her religious beliefs, influenced her decision.

The woman said she was a single parent who struggled to raise her son, Evans, who excelled in his junior high school exams last year. Evans secured admission to the Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (PRESEC) Legon, a highly sought-after institution known for producing many successful graduates.

However, Evans did not enroll in the school last year, sparking rumors that his mother had prevented him from going because of her affiliation with a religious group called “God’s Kingdom at Last”. Critics accuse the group of being a cult and claim that it discourages its members from pursuing formal education.

The mother denied these allegations in an interview with GhanaWeb, a leading digital news platform. She said she had always supported her son’s education and wanted him to continue, but she did not have the money to pay for his fees and other expenses at the time.

“I am a single mother, and I have been taking care of him since he was a child. So, this is not the time I will stand in his path to education. I know the importance of education very well but I wasn’t in the right capacity to take care of the financial obligations that came along with his education,” she said.

She added that she had planned to send him to school this year, 2024, but she faced some challenges from the school authorities and some education activists who questioned her motives and her faith.

One of the activists from a think tank called Africa Education Watch took her phone and confronted the leader of her religious group, accusing him of being responsible for her son’s absence from school.  She expressed offense at the activist’s actions.

“I wasn’t pleased with the activist’s action because it appeared as an attack on my faith and kingdom. I wouldn’t have been bothered if they were dealing with just me but to go ahead and attack the kingdom as well was not the best,” she said.

She said she still had the determination to send her son to school this year and hoped that he would get another chance to enroll at PRESEC Legon. She said she was proud of his achievements and his ambitions, and that she would do everything in her power to support him.

“I love my son very much and I want the best for him. He is very smart and he wants to be a doctor. I will not let anything stop him from achieving his dreams. I believe God will make a way for him,” she said.

The executive director of Africa Education Watch, Kofi Asare, who raised the issue of Evans’ case on social media, said he was not aware of the phone incident, and that he only wanted to help the boy get access to quality education. He said he had contacted the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education to intervene and ensure that Evans would not miss out on his education.

“We are not against anyone’s faith or beliefs, but we are concerned about the welfare of the child. We hope that Evans will join his peers at PRESEC Legon soon and enjoy the benefits of learning in a conducive environment,” he said.

PRESEC Legon is one of the oldest and most reputable secondary schools in Ghana, established in 1938 by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. The school has produced many prominent alumni, including former presidents, ministers, judges, academics, and entrepreneurs. The school has earned a reputation for its high academic standards, achievements in science and mathematics competitions, and vibrant culture and traditions.

Source: Ghana Web 

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