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UCC Denies Ban in Nigeria, Blames Fake News

The University of Cape Coast (UCC) has refuted claims that it has been banned from operating in Nigeria

by Victor Adetimilehin

The University of Cape Coast (UCC), one of the leading academic institutions in Ghana, has dismissed reports that it has been prohibited from operating in Nigeria.

In a press release issued on January 4, 2023, the university stated that an article on Ghana web, a popular online platform, had falsely claimed that the Nigerian government had blacklisted UCC.

According to a report by Daily Graphic, the university clarified that it has no official presence in Nigeria, neither through its campus nor through any franchised institution.

It also said that all international students, including Nigerians, who wish to study at UCC must apply directly through its official channels.

The press release added that Ghanaweb’s publication appeared to have erroneously confused UCC with a different institution, “Cape Coast University” (CCU), further adding to the confusion.

UCC Defends Its Reputation

The university said it was taking steps to protect its reputation and urged the public to disregard the misleading information.

It also pointed to its ranking as the top university in Ghana and West Africa, and seventh in Africa, according to the 2023 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings.

It encouraged individuals and institutions to always verify the legality of any certificate purportedly issued by the university.

Fake news has targeted not only UCC, but also other Ghanaian universities. In 2022, the University of Ghana issued a statement denying claims that THE had ranked it as the worst university in Africa.

False news has affected the education sector, as unscrupulous individuals and groups exploit the high demand for quality education in the continent.

To combat fake news in education, experts have called for more awareness, verification, and regulation. They have also urged students and parents to be vigilant and cautious when seeking educational opportunities online.

Moreover, many African students are showing resilience, creativity, and ambition in pursuing their educational goals. With these positive developments, education in Africa can overcome the threat of fake news and achieve its full potential.

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