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Mahama criticizes NPP staged picketing

by Victor Adetimilehin

Politics and Govеrnmеnt

Former president of Ghana , John Dramani Mahama (NDC) has openly accused the ruling NPP of orchestrating a demonstration outside his office in Accra’ s cantonments area. This accusation is taking place in a political tension and economic hardships surrounding the country.

Joycе Bawah Mogtari, President Mahama’s Spеcial Aidе, released a statement condemning the protest as diversion from pressing economic issues such as high cost of living, rife corruption and many others. She pointed out that it was just another desperate attempt by the NPP to divert attention away from their governance failures.

Daily Graphic reported that the protest organized by The Fixing the Country Movement planned to ask the Office of the Special Prosecutor to investigate whether Mahama was involved in the Airbus scandal. However, the Great Accra Youth Wing in the NDC organized a clean up at his office, effectively countering the planned protest that got eventually canceled due to intervention of the Ministry of National Security.

Mogtari’s statement noted that neither UK authorities are accusing, investigating, or indicting Mahama over the Airbus scandal. She emphasized on the non-existence of evidence on Mahama and also cited the decision by the UK’s Serious Fraud Officer to dismiss the case.

The statement also notes that during President Mahama’s tenure, the Technical Negotiating Team of the Ghana Armed Forces negotiated efficiently, which led to the purchase of aircraft at prices below the market rate.

In spite of the political chaos, Mahama steadfastly commits himself to Ghana’s future. He still engages himself in issues on economic regeneration, providing job opportunities, government reforms, including anti-corruption measures.

Mahama thanked the NDC’s Greater Accra Youth wing and the public at large for their support. The incident exposed the rivalry politics of Ghana as well as resilience and steadfastness of Mahama and his supporters against all odds.

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