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Ghana Prepares to Launch 5G network services

by Victor Adetimilehin

Tеchnology & Innovation

The NCA Director General Joe Anokye has announced that Ghana will take its technological leap with 5G network services. Such a move is anticipated to revolutionize the landscape of internet connectivity in the country and provide faster connections and better speeds.

Under Anokye’s leadership, the NCA is working hard at preparing for the transition. Anokye noted that they ensured the availability of spectrum required for 5G. He said that he was also finalizing a few policies on how the spectrum would be distributed.’

Ghana’s broader strategy to improve internet services and ensure equal access is a basis for this development. Okie emphasized on the need to improve local internet services in order ensure widespread access once 5G is launched.

Challеngеs and Solutions in Connеctivity

This is because presently Ghana’s internet is based on submarine cable landing that has tendencies for interruption. This has prompted the NCA to grant licenses to more submarine cable providers in an effort to strengthen Kenya’s internet backbone.

KNUST’s Rolе in Tеchnology Evolution

Anokye praised KNUST for its immense contributions towards science education and technology in Ghana. He reflected on how the university came out of numerous challenges in communication and academic resources since the 1990’s. “This is a testimony of any vision, dedication, resilience and collaborative spirit that may have been achieved,” he remarked.

While disruption in technology was rife at this particular period, Anokye identified the importance of institutions such as KNUST. These centers shape how humans interact, run businesses, and practice art during the contemporary digital era. 

With this transformative movement into the 5G period, Ghana leads the way as far as technology progressiveness in Africa. As reported by Daily Graphic, this initiative gives promise on enhanced connectivity and faster internet speed which represents another step toward a more digital inclusive society.

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