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University of Ghana Launches Laptop Drive, Plans Tech Plant

Digitization Drive: University of Ghana Empowers Students with Tech.

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

The University of Ghana has taken significant strides towards bolstering technological literacy among its students under the leadership of Prof. Nana Aba Appiah Amfo, the Vice Chancellor. An event marked by the presence of university delegates and held at the Cedi Conference Centre on Wednesday heralded the latest phase of a commendable initiative—the distribution of free laptops to select students, fostering an environment ripe for digital learning.

Prof. Nana Aba, in a statement captured on video and disseminated by GhanaWeb on Univers FM, highlighted the ongoing success of her Digitization Initiative, which has held multiple distribution events to arm students with modern tech tools. This project is not only a boon for the current student body but also a strong foundation for future academic endeavors within the university’s corridors.

Further elevating the university’s commitment to technology, VC Nana Aba relayed to Joynews earlier in October the university’s ambitious plan to establish a computer assembling plant within the campus grounds. This move not only promises self-sufficiency in the provision of essential technology but also signifies the institution’s active role in fostering technological innovation and skill development.

The undertaking is well underway, with the selection of partnering companies and the signing of agreements completed, setting the stage for the groundbreaking of the assembling plant. The Vice Chancellor optimistically forecasts that within a year, the production of laptops on campus will commence, thus reducing reliance on external suppliers and nurturing a tech-savvy culture within the university.

At the heart of these initiatives is the ‘One Student One Laptop Initiative,’ a program aimed at closing the digital gap and empowering students and staff with necessary technological tools. By collaborating with established IT companies, the university is not only ensuring access to affordable and free laptops but also contributing to the broader educational mission of providing an advanced learning experience that is in tune with the evolving digital landscape. This approach underscores the university’s proactive stance in embracing technological progress and providing its students with the resources to excel in an increasingly digital world.

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