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South Africa-Ghana Visa Waiver Launch Boosts Trade, Tourism.

by Adenike Adeodun

The South African High Commission in Ghana actively encourages entrepreneurs to capitalize on the fresh opportunities the new visa waiver agreement between their countries creates, envisioning a boom in trade and strengthening economic ties.

Celebrating this milestone, the Deputy High Commissioner, Thando Dalamba, spearheaded the South Africa-Ghana Visa Waiver’s unveiling in Accra. Last Friday’s event, attracting journalists, stars, and hospitality industry leaders, marked a collaboration between the High Commission and South African Tourism.

Moreover, this visa waiver empowers Ghanaians and South Africans to enjoy visa-free travel for 90 days annually, facilitating smooth transitions and visits to boost trade and tourism, albeit without the option to seek employment.

Confidently, Dalamba underscored the agreement’s role in streamlining travel and fostering business ties. He pinpointed the visa waiver as pivotal for South Africa’s ambitious tourism targets and committed to resolving past visa process grievances with a more efficient approach moving forward.

According to a report by Graphic Online, attendees at the Accra event welcomed the promise of reduced red tape and faster visa handling.

Furthermore, Thekiso Rakolojane, the Regional Head for West Africa of South African Tourism, praised the unique power of tourism to create connections and deepen cultural understanding. He called on South Africans to encourage Ghanaians to discover the welcoming spirit of South Africa.

“With the travel barrier now lifted, we must double down on our efforts to establish South Africa as the destination of choice,” Rakolojane urged, pushing for the Ghanaian media to share compelling stories about South Africa’s allure.

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