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Drivers Threaten to Vote Out NPP Over Poor Accra Roads

Drivers say they have not seen any improvement in road repairs, despite paying taxes and levies

by Motoni Olodun

Accra drivers have warned the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) that they risk losing the 2024 elections if they do not fix the bad roads in the capital city. The drivers, who belong to the Concerned Drivers Association, were disappointed by the government’s failure to deliver on its promise of a ‘Year of Roads’ in 2023.

The drivers complained that many roads in Accra, such as Kaneshie, Ablekuma, Pokuase, Manhea, Amassaman, Olebu, Tema, Ashiaman, Mayera, Bodumase, Ofankor, Mallam-Kasoa, Dodowa, and others, were in deplorable conditions. They said they had to spend more time and money on repairs and fuel due to the poor road network.

The chairman of the association, Mr Paa Willie, said the government had deceived the public with its ‘Year of Roads’ slogan, which was never fulfilled. He said the drivers had not seen any tangible improvement in road repairs despite paying taxes and levies. He also accused the government of neglecting the drivers and not providing them with any assistance.

Mr Willie said the drivers would not vote for the NPP in the next elections if the roads were not fixed. He said the Greater Accra Region was a key battleground for the political parties, and the drivers’ votes could make a difference. He urged the government to take action and address the drivers’ grievances.

The government, however, has defended its record on road infrastructure, saying it has invested more than any previous administration. The Minister for Roads and Highways, Hon. Kwasi Amoako-Attah, said in January 2023 that the year would be an action year for the road sector. He said the government had completed or worked on several major road projects in Accra, such as the School Junction to Motorway Road, the Nungua Barrier Interchange, the Pokuase Interchange, and the Tema Motorway Bridge.

The minister also said the government was committed to improving the road network across the country, especially in rural areas. He said the government had secured funding from various sources, such as the Road Fund, the Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund, the Sinohydro deal, and the African Development Bank. He appealed to the public to be patient and support the government’s efforts.

The drivers, however, said the minister’s assurances did not convince them. They said they wanted to see results, not promises. They said they would continue to voice their concerns until their demands were met. They also called other drivers and road users to join their campaign for better roads.

The issue of road infrastructure has been a major concern for many Ghanaians, who have staged protests and demonstrations in various parts of the country. According to the Ghana Road Safety Authority, poor road conditions contributed to 2,563 deaths and 14,383 injuries from road accidents in 2023. The World Bank also estimated that Ghana loses about 1.6% of its GDP annually due to inadequate road infrastructure.

The drivers hope their warning will prompt the government to take action and improve the road situation in Accra and beyond. They said they wanted a positive change in their livelihoods and the country’s development.

Source: GhanaWeb

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