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Election 2024: Jean Mensa Urges Journalists Toward Responsible Reporting

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

Electoral Commission Chairperson Jean Mensa stressed the pivotal role of journalists in the imminent 2024 elections. She emphasized the need for media practitioners to uphold responsibility and protect the nation’s democratic fabric and security during this critical period.

Speaking at the 27th Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) Awards, Mensa said, “Your actions leading to the 2024 election can greatly impact our national unity.” She urged journalists to move past just talk and embrace responsible journalism as the election nears.

Highlighting the 2024 election’s importance, Mensa noted its unique nature. For the first time, there’s no incumbent vying for re-election, which raises the stakes. “This election stands as a test of our national resilience,” she added.

Considering this, Mensa called for careful media coverage. Recognizing journalists’ vast influence, she said they bridge millions of homes nationwide. Therefore, striking the right balance between media freedom, democracy, and security is essential.

According to a report by My Joy Online](https://www.myjoyonline.com/), Mensa further cemented journalists’ crucial role. “You are more than just a part of our democracy; you’re its cornerstone,” she asserted. She hailed them as truth beacons, transparency guides, and freedom vanguards pivotal in shaping public discourse. “With this stature and the nation’s backing comes immense responsibility,” she added.

During the ceremony, 31 awards found their rightful owners. The Multimedia Group stood out, clinching several accolades, including the coveted ‘journalist of the year.’ Erastus Asare Donkor from Joy News shone, with his insightful reports on illegal mining’s harmful consequences sparking nationwide debates.

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