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AITEO Innovates Oil Transport, Stabilizes Market

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

AITEO, Nigeria’s premier oil firm, unveils a groundbreaking crude transport strategy, aligning with President Bola Tinubu’s goals.

Founded by Benedict Peters, AITEO embarks on revitalizing Nembe Creek. The strategy employs river-suited tankers for global oil delivery.

The innovative transport method assures higher production, stabilizing Nigeria’s forex market, as seen in a recent report.

On Friday, AITEO reiterated its dedication to refreshing the inactive Nembe Creek pipeline, enhancing oil flow through strategic vessel deployment.

The approach combines smaller ships and larger tankers, ensuring continuous oil movement. “It’s a pioneering solution,” states AITEO.

Specialists praise the inventive strategy. Despite higher costs, it strengthens Nigeria’s stance regarding upcoming OPEC quotas.

AITEO integrates the Galilean 7, a key offloading unit near Brass terminal, into its operations.

The NEYLC praises Benedict Peters. His strategy addresses economic hardships from production disruptions.

The coalition, voiced by Nwada Ike Chiama, endorses the initiative. They urge government collaboration for AITEO’s prompt goal achievement, aligning with Tinubu’s vision.

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