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Prof. Twumasi: Invest in Mechanised Farming for Rural Women

by Adenike Adeodun

Amid concerns over rural poverty, Professor Peter Twumasi, Director of the National Sports Authority, has called on investors, policymakers, and philanthropists to empower rural women through investments in mechanised agriculture.

Addressing an audience at a community gathering in Abodease, within the Ahafo Ano South West District, Prof. Twumasi emphasised that upgrading agricultural practises could significantly impact local economies. He highlighted that over half of rural women engage in small-scale farming, requiring the resources and knowledge to expand their operations technologically.

“These industrious women are not seeking handouts; they need strategic investments in their communities, introducing advanced farming methodologies, and integrating them into the broader ecosystem of mechanised agriculture,” Prof. Twumasi elaborated.

The initiative promises not just to boost agricultural output but also to curb the rural-urban migration witnessed among the youth in search of often elusive employment opportunities. With substantial local employment, young individuals are more likely to remain and contribute to their communities’ development.

As reported by Graphic Online, this call to action coincided with the International Day of Rural Women, celebrated annually on October 15. The event, themed “Rural Women: Cultivating Good Food for All,” reinforced the critical role of rural women in enhancing agricultural and rural development, improving food security, and eradicating rural poverty.

The day wasn’t solely about discussions and future plans. Practical empowerment activities were in full swing, with industry professionals guiding women through the processes of creating household essentials like detergents, hand gels, and traditional soaps. Additionally, health specialists from Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital conducted free health screenings, offering vital education on preventative healthcare, particularly regarding breast cancer.

Despite the day’s innovative spirit, concerns loomed over the area’s infrastructural challenges. Residents pointed out the adverse economic impacts of the poor road network and inconsistent electricity supply, urging government intervention to facilitate their community’s thriving agricultural endeavours.

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