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Child Rights Group Supports Kids in Cocoa Production Areas

by Adenike Adeodun

Child Rights International (CRI), an NGO focused on children’s welfare, recently announced initiatives supporting youngsters in Ghana’s cocoa communities.

CRI, through its Community Remediation and Empowerment Programme (CREP), has offered both educational chances and vocational training in these areas. This year, the organisation aided 25 kids from three cocoa districts in pursuing apprenticeships in fields like hairdressing, plumbing, and sewing, with plans to support 113 more in five districts.

Moreover, CRI furnished five preschools in Atwinma Mponua, Ayensuano, and West Akim with child-centric furniture, revamped classrooms, and educational resources. Additionally, they are updating two kindergartens in Atwinma Mponua and Suhum. Around 4,000 junior high school students spanning 35 districts will also gain textbooks and other materials.

Thanks to the Tony Fofie Child Development Fund, CRI granted scholarships to 31 students—29 for tertiary and two for secondary education.

CRI has teamed up with eight entities to combat child labour, impacting 1,250 cocoa communities. These partnerships focus on providing youngsters with vital technical knowledge and preventing their participation in dangerous tasks.

According to a report by Graphic Online, the School Mobility Project, another CRI initiative, has given 13 specialised tricycles in five cocoa districts, helping rural students commute to school.

Bright Appiah, CRI’s Executive Director, championed the importance of technical education, dubbing it pivotal for empowering youths with hands-on skills. He sees it as a pathway for them to chase passion-driven careers while also shielding them from risky tasks.

New Juabeng North’s Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Comfort Asante, conveyed her profound thanks to CRI and its collaborators. She encouraged educators to remain ardently devoted to child education, underscoring that this mission demands the unwavering dedication of all stakeholders.

CRI continues to invest in enhancing the life quality of children, especially in Ghana’s cocoa regions. With programmes designed to root out child labour, CRI aims for a promising horizon for these youngsters.

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