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IGP’s Lawyer Accuses Committee Chair of Bias and Agenda

by Victor Adetimilehin

The lawyer of Ghana’s top police officer has accused the chair of a parliamentary committee of being biased and having an agenda against his client. The committee is investigating a leaked audio that allegedly exposes a plot to undermine the position of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), George Akuffo-Dampare.

Kwame Gyan, the legal representative of the IGP, told Joy News that the committee chair, Samuel Atta-Akyea, was making prejudicial comments that could compromise the integrity of the investigation. Atta-Akyea, who is also the Member of Parliament for Abuakwa South, has been criticized for his handling of the case.

Gyan said that Atta-Akyea was acting as if he were a sole commissioner overseeing the investigation, and that he had his own agenda. He claimed that Atta-Akyea had revealed his biased intentions for all to see. He cited examples of Atta-Akyea granting media interviews after committee meetings and making detrimental comments.

He will be granting media interviews to the extent that after one sitting, he went out there and said the extended tape which was submitted by Bugri Naabu, and had not been played at the committee, has been doctored. Very prejudicial comments,” Gyan said.

Bugri Naabu is a former regional chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), who is one of the four suspects caught on tape plotting the removal of the IGP. The other three are serving police officers. The audio was leaked to the media last month, sparking public outrage and calls for an independent inquiry.

The IGP, who was appointed in July this year, is widely respected for his professionalism and integrity. He has been credited with improving the morale and performance of the police force, as well as enhancing public trust and confidence in the institution.

Gyan said that the IGP had demonstrated his humility by appearing before the committee when he did not need to. He expressed his and his client’s respect for Parliament and the individuals serving on the committee. However, he signaled his intention to adopt a more assertive legal stance moving forward.

“Because of respect for Parliament and the institution and persons on the Committee, I drop my guns, but I’m going to do what lawyers do, going forward,” Gyan said. He indicated that he was going to hold the chairman to the remit of the committee as set up by the Speaker of Parliament, in order to ensure that the purpose for which the committee was set up is achieved and nothing more.

The committee is expected to submit its report to Parliament by next week. Many observers and civil society organizations have expressed concern about this being a calculated attempt to tarnish the reputation of the IGP and succeed in removing him from office. They have urged the committee to conduct a fair and transparent investigation that will uphold the rule of law and protect the independence of the police service.

Source: [Ghana Web]

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