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Katanga Alumni Association’s Gesture of Support

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

The Accra Psychiatric Hospital recently received a charitable contribution from the Katanga Alumni Association. Comprising members who resided in the University Hall, also known as Katanga, during their time at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), the association made a significant donation.

The Alumni gifted the hospital with a variety of essential food items, including sacks of rice and maize, bags of water, crates of eggs, and tubers of yam, among others. Additionally, oils, spices, and condiments were also part of this benevolent gesture.

Nana Otu Turkson, the Global President of the Katanga Alumni Association, highlighted the group’s commitment to supporting society’s vulnerable sectors. Turkson emphasized the association’s yearly tradition of aiding the psychiatric hospital, appreciating every member’s contribution to making such donations feasible. He pointed out, “Mental illness impacts us all in varying degrees. We see it as our responsibility to support those going through such challenges.”

Upon receipt of the donation, Francisca Ntow, a nurse and the Public Relations Officer of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, expressed gratitude to the Alumni. She seized the moment to emphasize the importance of men seeking assistance for mental health concerns, noting that societal pressures often hinder them from expressing emotions, leading to suppressed feelings and, in severe cases, depression.

Francisca also encouraged the general public to include mental health assessments in their regular check-ups. “Walking into any facility to seek a mental evaluation isn’t wrong,” she asserted. Through acts of kindness, such as this donation, institutions can continue their noble work and society can further understand the importance of mental health.

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