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NCCE Urges Citizens to Safeguard National Peace

by Adenike Adeodun

Kathleen Addy, head of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), drove a powerful message home to the citizens of the nation. Amid the ebb and flow of economic pressures, she emphasised the irreplaceable value of peace and harmony. Her poignant words captured the essence: “Without peaceful coexistence, our dreams of a brighter tomorrow fade away.”

This comes as a response to the mounting economic struggles casting their shadows on local communities, as reported by Graphic Online. The aftermath? A generation of youngsters is grappling with disillusionment due to the scarcity of job prospects.

The backdrop for Addy’s passionate plea was a dialogue event in Bolgatanga, Upper East Region. The meeting, themed “Preventing radicalization of the youth in the wake of coup d’etats in the sub-region: Perspectives from stakeholders”, brought together a diverse cross-section of society. The event drew an enthusiastic crowd from traditional leaders and political representatives to civil society members and student groups. To paint a clearer picture of the lurking threats, Bolgatanga Girls SHS students staged a performance detailing the machinations of violent extremists.

With backing from the EU, the NCCE orchestrated this gathering as part of a dialogue series spotlighting northern regions.

Addy didn’t stop highlighting economic concerns. She cast the spotlight on the geopolitics of the broader West African region. A region already under the spectre of political unrest, insurgencies, and extremist activities. “We must be vigilant,” Addy cautioned. “Guarding against such turmoil spilling onto our soil is paramount.”

Yet, amid her appeals for caution, Addy’s message was empowering. “Civic duty doesn’t stop at the ballot box,” she expressed. Citizens can ensure a more transparent, accountable governance system by keeping elected leaders and officials in check.

Further amplifying the dialogue’s core sentiments, Emmanuel Owusu, the Regional Commander of the National Intelligence Bureau, flagged youth unemployment as a pressing security concern. He stressed the vulnerability of the youth, who, without solid opportunities, can become easy targets for extremist agendas.

Priscilla Nyaaba of the Upper East Regional Peace Council voiced another alarming trend: escalating violence in senior high schools. She urged educators to be vigilant and proactive in curbing these disturbances.

Rounding out the discussion, Rev. Fr. Clement Aapengnuo from COGINTA-Ghana, an NGO, emphasised the role of senior community members. He believes that the wisdom of elders can help steer the youth towards constructive pathways.

In essence, while challenges loom large, unity, vigilance, and proactive governance can chart a course towards a peaceful, prosperous nation.

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