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Accra launches $60M education accountability initiative.

by Adenike Adeodun

Accra recently unveiled a $60 million initiative to bolster accountability in its public primary schools. This ambitious, five-year project, aptly titled “Strengthening Accountability in Ghana’s Education System (SAGES) Activity,” is essentially the brainchild of the Ministry of Education. Moreover, it garners substantial support from the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

Taking the helm, Care International will manage the project’s rollout, particularly across 17 districts: the Northern, Northeast, Upper East, and Upper West regions, as reported by Graphic Online.

SAGES plans to transform 1,254 schools at its core, potentially benefiting 508,269 students. The main goal? To streamline educational service delivery while instilling an enduring sense of accountability. On top of that, the programme aspires to amplify the roles of stakeholders and hone learning outcomes. The entire educational realm is anxiously awaiting the project’s wrap-up in March 2028.

Diving deeper, Deputy Minister of Education Rev. John Ntim Fordjour offered some clarity. “Our nation thrives on its people,” he commented. “Our endgame? Carve out a rock-solid base at the primary level.” He also emphasised the government’s unwavering drive to elevate education and expressed heartfelt gratitude to USAID and other partners.

In an enlightening segment, Kimberly Rosen, USAID Ghana Mission Director, announced USAID’s hefty contribution of $10 million. This significant input is set to supercharge service delivery across the country. Reflecting on past milestones, she mentioned, “We have distributed countless educational tools, orchestrated large-scale teacher training, and bolstered reading proficiencies through innovative avenues.” She believes stellar education is the bedrock of any nation’s ascent.

Emphasising collaboration, Rose Tchwenko from Care International spoke of shared objectives with the Ministry. “Beyond oversight, our unwavering focus is clear: champion all-encompassing, inclusive education,” she stated. Furthermore, she harbours a hopeful vision regarding the far-reaching, positive ripple effects this initiative might have on future generations.

Switching gears, Paul Napari of USAID highlighted an upcoming accountability framework crafted meticulously under the Ministry’s guidance. Similarly, Mohammed Dawuda also pointed to the expansive national implications of SAGES, hinting at its wide-reaching influence.

In conclusion, Steven Blunden of Care International shared, “Our endeavours align seamlessly with the Ministry’s vision. Our eyes are set on achieving flawless, impactful execution.”

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