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Kyerematen Challenges NPP Chairman’s Claims, Eyes Independent 2024 Bid

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe

Alan Kyerematen, former Trade Minister, has rebutted the assertion by the New Patriotic Party’s chairman, Stephen Ntim, that Kyerematen had presented a contented stance in his concluding moments with the party.

In a detailed interview with JoyNews, Kyerematen, previously an NPP flagbearer contender, underscored that he had consistently voiced his concerns to Ntim about the party’s shortcomings. Although these apprehensions were acknowledged by Ntim, they remained unaddressed.

Kyerematen expressed deep disappointment, describing the chairman’s public statements as not just “untrue” but “disingenuous.” He elaborated, “Ntim knows of my longstanding concerns. After multiple discussions with him, for him to then suggest publicly that I had no issues is misleading and regrettable.”

Specifically, Kyerematen accentuated the party’s negligence regarding the voters’ register, despite investments to guarantee its accuracy, their failure in facilitating a delegates’ exhibition for name verification, and their overt disregard for party protocols after the super delegates conference.

He lamented the party’s nonchalance toward these foundational issues that ensure fair elections. He remarked, “After three electoral cycles with the current president, my worries about the voter’s register, a cornerstone of fair elections, seem to fall on deaf ears.”

Kyerematen formally severed ties with the NPP on September 26. Despite finishing third in the party’s Super Delegates Congress, he remains undeterred and will be vying for the presidency in 2024 as an independent candidate.

During a widely covered press briefing, Kyerematen outlined his vision: “My independent candidacy aims not to fragment the party but to potentially usher it into a future Government of National Unity, especially given the anticipated challenging 2024 elections.”

In a climate of skepticism about his electoral prospects, Kyerematen remains buoyant, pinning hopes on the influential floating voter segment, which he estimates at roughly 25%. He believes his political demeanor uniquely positions him to appeal to these voters. He concluded, “With my background and approach, I genuinely believe I represent the kind of leadership these unaffiliated voters have been waiting for.”

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