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NPP in Crisis: Bawumia Unfazed by Alan’s Shocking Exit

by Victor Adetimilehin

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) is facing a major challenge ahead of the 2024 presidential election, as one of its leading figures, Alan Kyerematen, has announced his resignation from the party and his intention to run as an independent candidate. Kyerematen, a former minister of trade and industry, made the surprise move on Monday, September 25, 2023, citing unfair treatment and intimidation by some party members during the Super Delegates Conference, where he lost to Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia.

Bawumia, who emerged as the NPP’s flagbearer for the 2024 election, has reacted to Kyerematen’s decision with calmness and confidence. According to his spokesperson, Nana Komea, Kyerematen’s breakaway will not affect Bawumia’s chances of winning the election, nor will it have a significant impact on the party’s unity and strength. Komea said that Bawumia has a strong track record of performance and popularity, and that he will focus on selling his campaign message to the delegates and the Ghanaian electorate.

Komea also dismissed the speculation that Kyerematen’s departure will cause a split in the party’s support base, especially among the Ashanti region, where Kyerematen hails from. He said that the party has experienced similar situations in the past, where some prominent members broke away and formed their own parties, but the NPP still managed to win the elections. He cited the examples of the United Ghana Movement (UGM) in 2000 and the campaign manager of former President John Kufuor in 2008, who defected to the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Kyerematen, who has contested for the NPP’s presidential ticket four times and lost, said that his decision to go independent was not meant to destroy the party, but rather to provide an opportunity for a government of national unity in the future. He said that he believes that he has the vision and the competence to address the challenges facing the country, such as economic development, job creation, and social welfare. He also expressed his gratitude to the party and its supporters for their cooperation and loyalty over the years.

Kyerematen’s announcement has generated mixed reactions from the public, with some expressing disappointment and others expressing support. Some political analysts have said that Kyerematen’s move could pose a threat to the NPP’s chances of breaking the eight-year cycle of power alternation in Ghana, as he could attract some votes from the party’s loyalists and swing voters. Others have said that Kyerematen’s move could backfire, as he could lose his credibility and influence in the political arena.

The 2024 presidential election is expected to be a keenly contested one, as the NPP faces a strong challenge from the NDC, which has also selected former President John Mahama as its flagbearer. The election will also see the participation of other smaller parties and independent candidates, who could play a decisive role in the outcome. As the political temperature rises, the Ghanaian people are hopeful that the election will be peaceful, free, and fair, and that the best candidate will emerge as the leader of the nation.

Source: Peacefmonline.com

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