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Scrap Dealer Convicted for Stealing and Vandalizing at Ghana Armed Forces Base

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe

The Accra Circuit Court has sentenced a 34-year-old scrap dealer, Wisdom Adjovu to 2 months imprisonment with hard labor for stealing valuable iron rods and caused significant damage to a concrete structure, all of which belonged to the revered Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).

The details of the incident came to light during the court proceedings. Police Inspector Wisdom Alorwu, with his years of experience and meticulous attention to detail, recounted the sequence of events to the attentive courtroom.

 Presiding over the matter was the astute Judge Susanna Eduful, who listened intently as the narrative unfolded. Adding depth to the story was Lance Corporal Prince Acheampong, the man responsible for initiating the complaint. He serves as an investigator, having honed his skills with the Ghana Military Police stationed at the renowned Burma Camp.

Diving deeper into the background of the defendant, Adjovu was described as a native of the La Old Court area. His primary occupation was dealing in scraps, a seemingly innocuous profession that masked his more sinister intentions on that fateful day. 

The GAF, which stands as a symbol of the nation’s strength and security, had established quarters at Labadi Villas. This location employed a diligent team of sanitation workers, who unbeknownst to them, would soon become central figures in unveiling this crime.

As dawn broke on August 16, 2023, and the city began its daily hustle, these unsuspecting sanitation workers went about their routine tasks. Near the sewage dump site, a sight caught their attention.

There was Adjovu, his intentions clear, wielding a sizeable hammer with a determined focus on dismantling a concrete slab. By the time the workers neared him, with a mix of suspicion and curiosity, Adjovu, demonstrating a thief’s guile, had discreetly stashed away four 12mm iron rods in an inconspicuous white sack.

With instincts kicking in, one of the vigilant workers sprang into action, detaining the seemingly cornered Adjovu. However, sensing danger, the latter tried to slip away, forcing the worker to call for reinforcements from a nearby colleague.

 Realizing the enormity of what they had stumbled upon, the duo wasted no time in alerting the military police. Without delay, Adjovu found himself restrained, taken into the stern custody of the law, and subsequently handed over to the La Police Station, where the wheels of justice began to turn.

During the subsequent investigation, perhaps weighed down by the evidence against him or a pang of conscience, Adjovu admitted with remorse to his criminal actions. This confession accelerated the legal process, culminating in his prompt arraignment in court.

SOURCE: Myjoyonline 

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