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Encroachers Ignore Deadline to Vacate Ghana-Burkina Faso Border

Paga Residents Defy Relocation Deadline

Residents living along the Ghana-Burkina Faso boundary line in Paga, Upper East Region, have not moved despite being given until May 5 to clear the area. This land is meant to be a buffer zone, keeping a clear division between the two countries, but people have built homes and other structures here without permission.

Officials from the Ghana Boundary Commission, along with the Regional Security Council (REGSEC), recently visited the area. They are concerned because the buildings could lead to security problems. There are ongoing talks between Ghana and Burkina Faso to solve these issues without conflict.

JoyNews’ reporter Maxwell Agbagba spoke with William Sabi, the Assistant Commissioner of Immigration at Paga. Sabi explained that in a previous meeting, those living in the buffer zone agreed to move, but they don’t have anywhere to go yet. “You know, it is not as simple as that, so they agreed in principle to move. But their issue was where to go now,” said Mr. Sabi.

Sabi also mentioned the safety risks of having people live in the buffer zone. For example, if someone commits a crime in Ghana and escapes to Burkina Faso, Ghanaian authorities can’t follow them across the border. This could allow criminals to escape justice. An interesting situation arises with a guesthouse where the reception is located in Ghana, but the rooms are in Burkina Faso. This shows the complexity of having a clear and secure boundary.

Major General Emmanuel Kotia, head of the Ghana Boundary Commission, said that the buildings on the boundary line are against international law. Both countries could move their border lines to cover the areas where people have built illegally, helping to prevent criminals from taking advantage of the unclear border.

Meetings are ongoing in Bolga, with officials from both countries trying to decide the next steps. They aim to find a way to manage the border that respects the rights and needs of the people living there while keeping both countries safe. As discussions continue, people living near the border are waiting to see what will happen. The decisions made will affect their homes and their futures.

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