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I’ll Use AI Strategy to Combat Illegal Mining – Mahama

AI to Enhance Monitoring, Ensure Compliance in Mining Sector

Former Ghanaian President and National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer John Mahama has announced a progressive approach to address the persistent problem of unlawful small-scale mining, or “galamsey.” Speaking at the University of Energy and Natural Resources in Sunyani for the 3rd Annual Transformational Dialogue on Small-Scale Mining, Mahama outlined his strategies for incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to tackle this difficult problem.

Deep scars have been left on a number of ecosystems, including deforestation, water pollution, and biodiversity loss, by Ghana’s ongoing galamsey problem. The revelation from the former president comes at a crucial time when the country is dealing with the damage these illegal mining operations are causing to the environment. Mahama hopes to improve and modernize the monitoring capacities within the mining sector, thus reducing the environmental footprint of these operations.

During his address, Mahama articulated the need for a technological revolution in the monitoring systems used to oversee mining activities. “We will introduce and encourage technological innovation to improve capacity for coordinated monitoring of the small-scale mining sector and reduce environmental impact,” he stated. The plan includes utilizing AI to precisely locate all mining activities, monitor the movement of machinery such as excavators, and enforce geo-fences around legally designated mining areas to prevent encroachment into unauthorized zones, including water bodies.

By ensuring that mining operations comply with legal and environmental standards, this project aims to support efforts to regulate and control the mining industry. Authorities want to protect the nation’s natural resources by quickly responding to any illicit mining activity by tracking mining equipment and putting geo-fencing technologies into place.

The idea put out by the previous President highlights a change in the direction of using increasingly advanced technology into governance and regulatory procedures. The use of AI is anticipated to significantly enhance the oversight and management of mining operations, guaranteeing that they are carried out legally and with the least amount of environmental harm.

However, Mahama’s proposal has stirred discussions among various stakeholders. While many in the environmental and technological sectors see this as a positive step forward, there are calls for more clarity on several fronts, including the implementation mechanisms, the feasibility of integrating AI technology within the current infrastructure, the training of personnel to handle new technologies, and the financial implications of such a technological overhaul.

Critics and experts alike are keenly interested in the specifics of how such a system would be deployed, the accuracy of AI in effectively distinguishing between legal and illegal mining operations, and the safeguards that would be in place to protect data and ensure privacy.

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