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Ghana Ranks Fourth in Workplace Stress Across Sub-Saharan Africa

Gallup Report Highlights High Stress Levels Among Ghanaian Workers

In the most recent Gallup State of the Global Workplace study for 2023, Ghana was placed as the fourth most stressful country in Sub-Saharan Africa for workers. This information highlights the high levels of everyday stress encountered by its workforce, placing Ghana close behind Sierra Leone on a list topped by Chad, Uganda, and Tanzania.

According to the analysis, which polled thousands of workers in several countries, 46% of workers in Sub-Saharan Africa said they deal with stress on a daily basis. This figure indicates a regional trend that is independent of gender. Despite the region’s slow economic recovery from the worldwide pandemic, worker stress levels remain high, indicating a persistently high level of stress in workplaces throughout the continent.

According to Gallup, employee stress has a significant impact on performance at work and overall productivity, making it a crucial issue for organizational leaders to handle. According to the poll, one important component that might help reduce stress is employee involvement. This suggests that whether employees work onsite, remotely, or in a hybrid setting, engagement is the key to lowering stress levels.

The results of Gallup’s study highlight the fact that creating a positive and stimulating work environment is more important than the continuous discussion about whether type of work arrangement is best: onsite, remote, or hybrid. According to Gallup, “employee engagement remains crucial in reducing stress levels, even while the debate over remote, hybrid, or on-site employment continues.” The study emphasizes the advantages of working remotely, such as freedom and wellbeing, which are very valued by today’s workforce and can contribute significantly to stress reduction.

The methodology behind Gallup’s comprehensive survey involves collecting responses from 1,000 individuals in each country or area, utilizing a consistent set of core questions that are translated into the major local languages. This approach ensures that the data reflect the experiences and sentiments of employed adults aged 15 and older, providing a reliable measure of workplace stress across different cultural and economic backgrounds.

The State of the Global Workplace report underlines the urgent need for companies and leaders in Sub-Saharan Africa to take proactive steps towards improving workplace conditions. By fostering an environment that prioritizes employee engagement and addresses the root causes of stress, organizations can enhance worker satisfaction and productivity, leading to a healthier, more dynamic workforce.

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