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Power Crisis in Ghana Nears End, Says ECG Chairman Krapa

Krapa Confirms Stability Soon with Renewable Energy Investments

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe

Herbert Krapa, the Chairman of the governing board of the Electricity Corporation of Ghana (ECG), has announced that the current power issues in Ghana are expected to end soon. He expressed this assurance during the commissioning of the second phase of the Kaleo Solar Power Plant, emphasizing the government’s commitment to ensuring stable power supply across the nation.

The ongoing power crisis, which has been disrupting daily activities for the past seven weeks, has caused significant inconvenience to residents and businesses alike. Known locally as “Dumsor,” these intermittent power cuts have sparked widespread concern among the public, prompting calls for the government to provide a clear timetable and communication regarding power availability.

In his response to these concerns, Krapa, who also serves as the Deputy Minister for Energy, underscored the government’s efforts to mitigate the crisis. He detailed that immediate measures have been put in place to stabilize the power supply, suggesting that the situation will improve markedly in the coming days.

During the ceremony, which was also attended by President Akufo-Addo, Krapa conveyed his gratitude to the citizens for their patience and resilience during the challenging period. “As I mentioned earlier today at Kaleo, the government has initiated immediate measures to ensure the return of uninterrupted power supply. I can assure you that the power challenges will be resolved shortly,” Krapa stated in a Facebook post on April 24.

The chairman further emphasized the government’s empathy towards the affected consumers and issued an apology for the disruptions caused by the outages. “We empathize with all consumers and apologize unreservedly for the impact of the outages on our daily lives. Please bear with us. We are fixing it, and we are nearly there,” his post continued.

The inauguration of the 15-megawatt peak (15MWp) capacity Kaleo Solar Power Plant marks a significant milestone in Ghana’s journey towards embracing renewable energy. This development not only enhances the nation’s energy infrastructure but also aligns with global efforts to adopt sustainable and clean energy sources. The event and the subsequent developments are crucial as Ghana aims to reduce its reliance on traditional power sources and increase its investment in renewable energy. This strategic shift is expected to provide more reliable and eco-friendly power solutions that will benefit future generations.

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