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Ghana Vows to Fix Power Outages, Highlights Long-Term Stability

Ghana's government pledges to fix recent power outages

by Victor Adetimilehin

Ghana’s government is scrambling to address recent power outages that have caused frustration for citizens and businesses alike. Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin, the Majority Leader and Leader of Government Business acknowledged the disruptions as a major challenge but emphasized the government’s commitment to finding solutions. He also highlighted Ghana’s success in maintaining a stable power supply for seven years, including during a period of economic hardship.

Owning the Problem, Pointing to Past Success

In a press conference last Friday, Afenyo-Markin conceded that the current power outages are a significant issue. “We understand the frustration and inconvenience these disruptions cause,” he said. He explained that the energy sector is actively working to minimize the outages.

However, Afenyo-Markin also took the opportunity to highlight the government’s track record on energy security. He pointed to Ghana’s achievement of maintaining an uninterrupted power supply for seven consecutive years. This accomplishment, he argued, demonstrates the government’s long-term commitment to ensuring Ghanaians have reliable electricity.

“It’s important to remember this context,” Afenyo-Markin said. “Even during a very challenging economic period, from 2020 to 2022, Ghanaians were able to rely on a consistent power supply. This is a testament to our competence in addressing critical economic challenges.”

Fixing the Present, Communicating Effectively

Afenyo-Markin assured Ghanaians that the government is not taking the current situation lightly. He emphasized plans to address the outages head-on. “We will tackle them head-on and resolve them as we did when we assumed office,” he declared.

The Majority Leader also outlined the importance of clear communication. He urged members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to actively communicate the government’s achievements, particularly in the education sector. He stressed the importance of informing citizens about the challenges inherited from the previous administration.

“Our dear party communicators, the ball is in your court,” Afenyo-Markin said. “We rely on you to share accurate information with Ghanaians about the state of the nation, especially regarding the significant progress made in the education sector.” He continued, “Explain to the people the difficulties we encountered when taking office and the steps we’ve taken to improve the situation.”

Public Reaction and Political Optics

The recent power outages have sparked public frustration and criticism of the government. Many Ghanaians rely on a consistent electricity supply for their homes and businesses. Disruptions can lead to lost productivity, spoiled food, and inconvenience.

The opposition party has also seized on the opportunity to criticize the government’s handling of the energy sector. They argue that the outages are a sign of mismanagement and a betrayal of public trust.

The government’s response acknowledges the public’s concerns and aims to reassure Ghanaians about its commitment to finding solutions. By highlighting its past success in maintaining energy security, the government hopes to deflect some of the criticism and project an image of competence.

Looking Ahead: Balancing Communication and Resolution

The coming months will be crucial for the Ghanaian government. Its ability to address the power outages effectively will likely impact public perception and political fortunes. While clear communication is important, Ghanaians will ultimately judge the government based on its success in restoring a stable power supply.

Source: Graphic Online 

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