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GACL Staff Interdicted After Alleged Cocaine Smuggling at KIA

Ghana Airports Company Limited Takes Decisive Action Following Drug Scandal

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe

The Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) has taken decisive action in response to the alleged involvement of its staff in a cocaine smuggling incident at Kotoka International Airport (KIA). The scandal unfolded after authorities intercepted a significant quantity of illegal drugs at Brussels Airport, Belgium, believed to have been transported through KIA with the assistance of a GACL employee.

Proeger Delgey Bianca, a Dutch national, was apprehended at Brussels Airport on suspicion of smuggling eight and a half kilograms of cocaine, which authorities believe originated from KIA and was transported via the Moroccan national carrier, Royal Air Maroc, on March 23, 2024.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, April 10, GACL confirmed the commencement of investigations into the matter and announced the interdiction of all staff implicated in the incident. The statement emphasized GACL’s commitment to upholding airport security and warned employees against any involvement in facilitating illegal activities. It stated that punitive measures, including summary dismissals and legal prosecution, would be taken against staff found guilty of misconduct.

The full statement released by GACL reads:

“The attention of the board and management of GACL has been drawn to the Herald publication dated Wednesday, April 10, 2024, with the above headline. Management notes that investigations by relevant authorities into the alleged smuggling of 8.5 kilograms of substance suspected to be cocaine through Kotoka International Airport on March 23, 2024, are ongoing. The board and management, in line with GACL’s internal administrative processes, has taken swift measures to interdict all GACL staff relevant to the investigation.

Management has also reiterated its warning to staff regarding the facilitation of passengers at the airport, failing which punitive measures not limited to but including summary dismissals and prosecutions by the state will be effected in line with existing protocols. Management wishes to assure the general public of its commitment and determination, in collaboration with stakeholders to ensure that operations at the airport are safe and secure.”

This development emphasizes the importance of maintaining strict security measures at airports to prevent illicit activities and safeguard the integrity of the aviation industry. GACL’s swift response reflects its commitment to transparency, accountability, and ensuring the safety of travelers and airport personnel alike.

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